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Monday, January 30, 2012

Derby Blooms arrive for Spring!

It's a pretty thing to watch a flower bloom. The same is true of a friend; watching a friend grow and blossom as an artist...well maybe that's even prettier...
Marie Pendley started her journey making "Derby Blooms" last June when she brought a few to our "Artists' Showcase" at Rose Petal Porch in Lafayette, NJ. There they were gobbled at this event up and we knew she was on to something...we worked on a name for her studio creations on the ride home and she has been at the needle since.
Each bloom is a happy and colorful wearable work of art. Laden with texture, they are almost fragrant in their festive combinations of vintage textiles and trims.

Since the word "derby" is among Marie's favorite words, it leant itself t her moniker. As a nod to old time Hollywood glamour and her studio's location in LA, each bloom sports the title of an old that!

I'm thrilled to welcome her to Earth Angels as an artist and hope you enjoy a peek at the latest "bouquet"...we'll be posting them to a page on our site soon. In the meantime, we're emailing images and details...

Each is about 5" in diameter and they are $38 each -- I know you might be wondering so I am noting the price here. They can be worn (thanks to clip and pin both on reverse) on lapel, at your waist, on a boot, on a bag, in your hair...everywhere. I actually have two on lampshades in my bedroom...I like my house to play dress up too!

Thanks to Marie for sharing her's a treat to work with her and an honor to present her creations.
You can catch Marie in person at our next event in Sanford, FL at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery...she'll be there with bells -- and blooms -- on.

xxoo Jen O'Connor

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