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Friday, June 13, 2008

Magda is Friday the 13th

Like the eerie rim of mood that accompanies Friday the 13th, Magda's work has a definitive perpetuity to its shared sentiment. Ever it begs the questions... is that truly real, is that whimsy and hope or, is that just perhaps a wee bit scary?

In a stark realm of black and white, Magda operates with a modicum of color that speaks volumes. She is passionate about form and applies a subtle use of texture to tell her story.

I find her creations alluring; Magda’s works are moments frozen. Compelling in their starkness, her creations beg a closer look, then another. Her cats, rabbits, birds, and skeleton-like snow folk are displayed under glass like curiously forestalled activity. Balloons float mid-air and balls hover mid-juggle as her creatures balance in a limbo of thought and activity.

Magda is influenced by the 17th century Dutch painters who deftly reminded us of our mortality through their heavily symbolic still-lifes (memento mori, baby). She is also intrigued by the Victorians’ obsession with paraphernalia and collections. These influences and themes are echoed in our pop culture by the likes of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, with their allusions to the afterlife and the fleeting nature of earthly pleasures through black comedy and imagery.
To these, Magda adds her own humor and personal style.

Here we are with Nicol Sayre at Halloween & Vine...

Here's Bonnie with gal pal Bonnie...

I love this mug shot!

Walter is her mascot and best friend. I have to ship Magda his favorite US products, including his doggie clown costume for Halloween!

Evey image of her studio tells her story.More images can be seen on the Mary Engelbreit HOME Companion podcast of her studio wiht commentary from the Oct/Nov 2007 issue...

On top of that...Magda is my good friend. Word is she's coming south to Woodstock to work in Laurie Meseroll's studio this summer. Those two brew their own brand of tasty trouble and ring me in! It involves thrift stores, ice cream and lots of laughter and late nights.

We cannot wait to see you in Warwick Magda!
xxoo Jen


Anonymous said...

Magda's work is fabulous! I saw her featured in M.E. Home Companion last year and have admired her dolls:) And her studio is pretty amazing as well..I'm jealous:)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog. Every picture is eye candy! You gals are SO inspiring! I posted about y'all on my blog today because I think what you all do can be termed as an example that everyone is creative and everyone should try to explore their creative side - think of what a beautiful world we'd have! Just DO IT: create!
Thanks, gals!
Diane Knott

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