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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Little Red Robin & Denny the Hood

There are those people who walk into your life slowly and, before you know it, they know you...and all your faults...and they love you anyway.
These are my pals Robin & Denny.

We all met because Denny is a giver. He loves to spoil Robin (albeit well deserved!) with fabulous surprise gifts. I must say this really intrigues me because my own dear hubby, as wonderful and adorable as he is, has nary a gift in sight....but I digress... So Denny is this fab gift giver... The finding of the gift is always enrobed in secret, and his purchases are the stuff of his "Hood" moniker. When he called to order both a birthday and Christmas gift for his wife Robin we got to talking...about collecting, what Robin loves, her favorite colors...I ended up sending him two utterly fabulous Heidi Steiner lady bears...

Just after Little Red Robin received the gifts she called me. She had to offer thanks for my help to Denny in his shopping...she loved the bears, Heidi's wonderful flourishes, and she could tell they were sent on their way to her with pure affection for the artist and her creations. We discovered we love so many of the same things, the same folk art and teddies, the same foods, and the friendship just took off... I loved her before I met her.
Let me add that Robin's sense of humor strikes the chord of pure delight in me. On more than several occasions she has made me laugh til my sides ached and the tears puddled...(I am sure some of you were there at 10 Railroad for the telling of my Dad's "suit" mishap -- Heidi you must have been there!?) It's often her droll delivery of self-effacing truths that have me pucker at the thought of my own assets and faults...and as only a true girlfriend can, she calls at 4pm to confess how much chocolate she has had for the day and then assures me that she must have eaten more than I....
Denny and Robin are two of my favorite people on the planet. They are just plain fun, but beyond that, they are the most generous of spirits known... Quite frankly, I wouldn't... and well, my business wouldn't... be here today without them. It is they who take the days off from demanding jobs to roll up their sleeves and cook and serve the hundreds and hundreds of fellow customer friends who attend our parties, soirees, teas, flings and fetes... How is this possible? Why do they do this for me? More than that, why was Robin willing to wear that polka dotted apron this February with me and our gal pal extraordinaire Sue Parker?
I adore that Robin has an affinity, nigh a passion, for vintage sewing notions, yet does not sew a stitch...but look who's talking, it's Denny that collects antique shaving accouterments and he's got a beard! You see these people are fun....and look at some images of Robin's displays ...ohhh....ahhhh... and can I move in???
What gifts these friends are! Cheers to them and all the wonderful friendships to be found amid the giving, collecting and accumulating of cherished objects!
xxoo Jen


Little Red Robin said...

You're still the best Jen even if you make me wear pink polka dot aprons and force me to eat some chocolate every day! You've also taught me what a blog is, and a jpeg all in the same week. Our house has become a museum with all the new creations you've introduced us to! That's ok, we like to share and do not charge admission.

Hugs and kisses, Little Red Robin and Dennis the Hood!

Lori said...

You girls look just fab in your aprons. Is this ironic, I posted a little red on my blog today. I think yours might be cuter!!

Anonymous said...

It was absolutely wonderful reading through your post..and the photos are lovely...really enjoyed myself...and also visit my blog on Birthday Wishes sometimes and check out all the amazing stuff i've posted there!!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many great people on this earth. Of course, Jen, you are one of them. But what a sweet tribute to your friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miz Jen- Your Blog is as fun and delightful as you are! I am tickled to see a post about our very Sweet Robin and Dennis. I'm thrilled to see photos of her collections. I thank you Jen, for bringing Robin and Denny into my life, along with so many other treasured friends. You are the bestest and a true "angel" keeper.

Anonymous said...

Is there a secret Pink Apron Society that I don't know about? Robin and Denny are amazing--they keep things so quietly under control and the food is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Here's to you Mr. & Mrs. Yummie in our tummies cooker uppers!! Nice to learn more about you Robin & Denny because with all the goings on at Jen's parties, well time just flies there doesn't it? Love your reunions Jen & thanks for sharing. See you in the garden for tea and cookies. Are hats optional? xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Rosanne said...

There are no other faces I love to see first thing in the morning on the day of the party than Robin & Dennis! What a pair of sweeties and Dennis make the best Mudtinis!! Robin knows me so well that I could send her shopping for me and she would pick out everything I want and need. Sometimes I actually surprise her and pick out something totaly different! Jen's parties wouldn't be the same without them. I love our time together...see you both soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Robin and Dennis' collection. I knew they had great taste when they purchased Heidi Steiner's giraffe in pink spots... I loved that girl giraffe she was a honey.
Also I want to say thanks to Robin and Dennis for making all those goodies for us. They put so much work and effort into helping. Robin/Dennis thanks for helping our dearest friend Jen. I'm sure she'd be lost with out you two.

Big Bear Hugs,


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