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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

...she's teaching...we are so excited...join Angela

 Angela Moulton believes everyone can paint. To pass along the joy she has found in her own paints and brushes, the artist is eager to share what she knows and what she’s learned by painting everyday. 


...if you've seen her work, you've seen how she pushes paint across flat surfaces like no other. 
With the goal of adding more color to our world, 
she captures movement in her subjects with subtleties of shading, drenched hues and unfettered brushwork.   

Her petite Pratt Creek Art paintings feature birds, flowers in bloom, and the many farm animals and scenes from about her rural home and the local, eponymous creek.

Painting on wood panels or canvas in oils, acrylics and watercolors, too, the artist is largely self-taught and has been at work with her brushes everyday for almost ten years.  In her journey to share what she sees, she has developed an inimitable style that is joyfully drenched in color and utterly captivating.


...she'll be teaching how to paint from live in her class...but it won't be donuts and'll be snacking on treats during a break, but you'll be painting her signature birds and flowers combo...

Angela is an experienced instructor...She teaches just outside of Chicago at the Elmhurst Art Museum.

But don't expect a paint and sip kinda thing folks, this is a full-time professional painter who is sharing her know how, techniques and instruction...
you do not have any training to attend but you do need to be willing to try...remember, Angela believes anyone can's how she got her start!

Calling upon her experience painting both en plaine air and from still lifes in her studio, artist Angela Moulton of Pratt Creek Art will offer instruction in a three hour session to a limited number of students. 

 All students will be shown the process of painting her signature -- and oh colorful -- birds and blooms from displays she has created for the class. 

Each student will leave the class with skills in using acrylics, brushwork and a better understanding of composition and well as their own 6x6 original painting on a notched maple panel.   

Morning coffee break treats included.  
 ($80 early bird)
Class conducted at 44 Jayne St, Florida, NY.  

Space is limited, early bird registration through April 15th is discounted…please book soon so we can make plans to include you!!! 9am-11:30am 

and hope to see you there!

xo Jen


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