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Monday, January 19, 2015


...hello Monday posts are something I have been doing for some time now linking up with my friend Lisa Leonard and her fab-u-lous blog...
feel free to leave your BLOG link in a comment...Now, how about some hellos...
 hello Monday...feels like the year is underway and we are moving forward, and through it...and well, it really is 2015! (not used to typing that yet!)

 have been muddling through the calendar and getting 
the dates for our events in my new little datebook 
(yes what a Luddite...I still actually use pen and paper and carry a date book) 

 So HELLO 2015 and HELLO to big plans for the Art Girls' Road Show 
(more on that SOON!)

we'll be heading south SOON
so save the date for our 5th Annual Appearance at 
Friday, 2/27 & Saturday, 2/28
....211 East First Street, Sanford, Florida...
(see the events page of the site for more details and info)
We totally love our time there, and we are honored to be invited once again to visit and share the art and artistry of these featured Earth Angels artists:
Laurie Meseroll, Jody Battaglia, Letty Worley, Nancy Wiley, 
Jocelyn O'Gorman & Nicole Bowen  ...among others tba....

So hello Monday and hello FLORIDA SUNSHINE! 
With all the snow around here, I cannot wait!

Hello old fashioned ideas and new goals...somehow they seem to go together

hello new plans

hello Florida...we'll be there soon

hello 2015...hoping you'll be a happy one for all!

more soon... I am missing my photo files...I am on a borrowed pc right now, and need that new Mac to get you more photos and such....

xxoo Jen

1 comment:

hopeandjoyhome said...

Sounds fab and fun and WARM! It's a drive so don't know that I will make it, but I'm looking forward to photos!Have fun! Julia (my pitiful little blog)

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