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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

inspiration in a friend's SUCCESS!

This is my friend Michelle...she has been on a journey to good healthy and strength since the beginning of 2011; I am inspired by what she has been able to the time that little she has to herself...which as a dedicated Mom and business owner, is not terribly much!!!

I just have to brag about her, she completely inspires me to want to be healthier and stronger. Can you believe this before and after pic...Some of you know I have gone on and on about Michelle's amazing candles that she makes and sells through "Blackberry Briar"...along with her charming mixed media creations and her sweet dollies.

Well, she has been up to other tricks too!!! Six months ago she made a commitment to take care of herself, to be healthy and to be her best self...I am completely in awe of all she has accomplished, and that along the way she has been able to inspire so many others to try to "Be Fit"...

She has been so supportive of me in my own journey to eat healthier and get more exercise...while I may not be a beachbody like Michelle any time soon...I do feel stronger each time I jog, do a workout or take a moment to prepare myself something healthy to eat..

Here is Michelle with her new pals...she just attended the Beach Body Summit in CA and made some awesome connections...
Here she is with Tony Horton...those of you who know P-90X know Tony..he is the MAN!

Love him and love that it's 6 degrees of Michelle Sylvia and I have a connection to that amazing man!

And here is Michelle with her idol Charlene...

It's all about these small choices says Michelle...and she is right...Lucky me to have her as a friend...

You can find Michelle's inspirational group on Facebook...just search for
Be Fit with Michelle Sylvia... PLEASE CONSIDER joining if you need help in this area at all. Michelle is simply the best, most loving, non-pressuring peer mentor in this arena. I love her, and all the more for this new capacity she has discovered and is cultivating to support others on their journey.

AND here are links to her Team Beach Body site where she coaches and markets and a little blurb from Michelle herself:
Michelle says, "I have been doing Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire plus drinking Shakeology for 6 months. I have lost 25 lbs and close to 30 inches over all. I feel amazing and am so much happier than I could have ever imagined!!! I am really excited to be a part of Team Beach Body now where I am using what I have learned to help others achieve their dreams!! It is the most amazing feeling ever. I was lucky enough to go to their Coaching Summit this past June and was able to workout LIVE with Chalene (my hero) and I was able to meet her. I also got to meet Tony Horton( my other hero) and tell both of them Thank You from the bottom of my heart for helping to have changed my life!!"

She goes on to say:
"I want to help teach others, especially women and Moms that they don't have to live in a deep dark hole of unhappiness and constant worry about how they look each and every day. Dreading days at the pool or company parties with their spouses....They can be FREE of all that with making a couple adjustments to their daily routine which are well WORTH the time investment! I am living proof!!! I am looking forward to building my own team with Beach Body and reaching for the stars to help as many people as I can while achieving my dreams."

Here is Michelle's Team Beachbody Coach Website where people can go to purchase any of the programs or Shakeology:

HOPE SOME OF YOU can connect with Michelle... She is one fun and talented lady!

Lots of love and praise to you Michelle!! You go girl!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Anonymous said...

Swimming is one of the best abs exercise working all the major muscles. But it exposes you to large amounts of chlorine which is present in most swimming pools. Select fresh water to swim.

Rachel Chieppa said...

Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing her wonderful news. This is so inspiring!

Sue Parker said...

Michelle is a wonderful and amazing woman. She not only takes care of herself and her family, but takes time to care and motivate anyone who needs a cheerleader! Thanks Jen for letting me in to Michelle's BLOG, Be Fit With Michelle. It might take me LONGER than 6 months to look as amazing as Michelle, but I'm on the right track. Thanks much! xoxo

*Linda Pinda* said...

I'm so glad to be a part of Michelle's fitness group. My life changes/new diet started right around the same time she started posting on FB about her progress. I had known Michelle through artsy connections, and was so thrilled to join in with a creative sister on this health and fitness journey. It's been WONDERFUL :)

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