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Thursday, February 10, 2011

...good on ya' MAGDA!

"Well done!", "Cheers..." and a good ole' "here, here!" for Magda wonderful gal pal and Earth Angels' artist who's adorning the pages of the current issue of Where Women Create

If you have already seen the issue, you've likely caught the stellar spread of her studio..

I sure hope you can attend our upcoming 5th Annual - "heART of winter" set for 3/4 & 3/5 in Sanford, FL at the prestigious Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery. Magda will be there with more incredible artworks in tow...and you'll get to encounter this fab gal, whose style is all her own; her creations are pulled from her mind's deep eye and her reverence for form and sentiment...

A big thanks to both Jo Packham for her savvy feature on Magda and to Jeanine for featuring her work at our upcoming event.

Click this link to see images of Magda's currently available works...

xxoo Bravo Magda - you go girl! You kjnow I love ya, baby.
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


TuKara said...

Polish girls are not only a great mother, but also very artistic and creative women .. Magda Bravo !!!!!!

Michelle Sylvia said...

I have loved Magda's art for some time now!! AND she is a Doxie me!!

Congrats to her on such a beautiful spread in the magazine!!! Awesome accomplishment!!!

Rachel Chieppa said...

It was a great feature in the magazine. Congratulations, Magda.

magda said...


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