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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Next Issue of PRIMS in the works!

Great news...the next issue of the fab new magazine, "PRIMS", is IN THE WORKS and expected on October 1st!

Thanks to Editor in Chief, Jenn Jackson for her willingness to go beyond dolls in this next issue, celebrating folk art as well. We've just finished shooting some images at her request and we wanted to share a peek at some of the additional artists and mediums to be explored in issue #2 of this great new mag...

Laurie Meseroll and her mixed-media "Mud-Cakes" paintings...

Debbee Thibault and her paper mache works from "Debbee Thibault's American Collectibles"...

and...Pat Murphy's "Murphy Bears"...including her mohair and needle felted soft sculptures...

Stay tuned for the arrival of this issue and email me at to pre-order or call 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720

ALSO a LAST CALL on the inaugural issue...just 10 copies are in stock at the original price of $14.95 + ship

Chat soon
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

1 comment:

jacqueline said...

Such a wonderful magazine!! Loving the works you featured on it! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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