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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mud-Cakes are here...

A new batch of truly wonderful works have arrived from Laurie Meseroll's Ohio studio...

Among them are some of the dearest florals and fairies I've seen her create. These new works are laden with color and texture, and each incorporates detail and intricate work, along with surfacing...all of the things that are such a part of the inimitable style Laurie has developed over the years.

Thanks Laurie, for this glorious grouping of new portraits and florals. It's completely impossible for me to choose a favorite.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

PS - Michelle plans to email images to everyone on Laurie's special email notification list -- if you are not on that list and need to be included in the update - let me know. These works will also appear on her page.


jenn said...

oh my, I love her work!

Elma said...

I love her work to:) Am I on the email list?? Have a great weekend!

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