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Friday, October 17, 2008

Make Time for Cheryl

...make time to meet her at the "From Our Hands" Show in Columbus on Saturday, 11/1...

I call Cheryl Kuhn "The Poet of Akron"...and well, she is that. Words and found objects tell her stories. And, while there are many who "collage", what moves Cheryl's "small stories studio" work apart from the pack is her soulful grasp of the poetry she chooses to illustrate and the inimitable style with which she melds the obscure and the castoff to do so.

Each of her works is not just a pretty assemblage, but a true three dimensional embodiment of the poem she has chosen to put into work. She concocts these pieces with an astute sense of balance and texture. This makes her creations as thoughtful and as a artful in composition as the words and well-formed story.

She works in a palette of black and white palette straying only to modest doses of color when a seasonal mood these Halloween witches. Yet, her work is never stark. It bears a depth of sentiment that bespeaks the heart of a poet.

Ironically, as much as Cheryl loves photos, it's tough to catch the art herself on film...yet her she is with two of her collector friends looking wonderful...

I am ever grateful that a casual e-mail from one of Cheryl's long ago customers led me to her...and that we walk a path together to share her work with her admires, collectors, friend and followers. The latest work she's sent us might just include some of my very favorite pieces... and please don't miss the chance to meet the artist and see her work in person...
You can meet Cheryl at the "From Our Hands" Show

Saturday, November 1 from 10am -4pm
at the Alladin Shrine in Columbus, OH
It's always a wonderful event...
(...and you'll also find Earth Angel Lori Ann Corelis at the show too!)

...wishing I could be there...
xxoo Jen


Dara said...

Cheryl is a true dear. I adore her collages and am saving a wall in my house in hopes of one day filling it with her delightful work! I would love to sometime collaborate with her on some found object/collage pieces. Maybe one day Jen (hint, hint) will coordinate a playdate for us artists to get together and just create.


Anonymous said...

Count me in among her cheerleaders! I was fortunate enough to get to giggle with her at the Country Living Show. I found Cheryl to be so interesting. Not only is she talented but she is a heavy metal fan. That just made me want to uncover more things about her. I think we should all build new walls, so we could fill them with her charming and soulful artwork. Hooray for Cheryl!
Have black and white fun, Jody

Theresa said...

I have loved Cheryl's work since I first saw it back in 2004. Since then I have purchased over a dozen of her creations and each time I look at them they make me smile (I am truly hooked). I love the feel of yesteryear to her pieces... they're like a little piece of family history. Plus if you ever meet Cheryl in person you will just adore her... she's such a sweetie pie. :)



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