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Friday, April 25, 2008

Bulk Pick-Up

It was “bulk pick-up” here in Warwick last week. This is a twice a year fest for the junk lover, the optimist and the most sentimental of creatures whose love of the old, the broken down and the worn enslaves them.
Here is my haul! A pair of corbels, an enamel stove and a wonderfully clean suitcase…with the key! They make an inspiring pile.
I have many merry treasures from the trash. Shamelessly, I mix them in with my folk art and more valuable antiques and collections. But these “finds” add the texture and “memento” factor I truly love.

This 1930s kitchen chair holds two of my favorite Nicol Sayre dolls. Its mate flanks the server and sits under the other window in my dining room. They establish symmetry and style with their worn pink paint and familiar silhouettes.

My folks found this cabinet in Queens when they were out walking with the grandbabies. They got their exercise carrying it to my house 6 blocks away! Now it holds my collection of British ceramic art...(hmmm...I will have to Blog about Devon art pottery soon.)

This wonderfully odd horse head lamp with its toile shade was destined for the junk pile…but I think it looks much better on my hutch. This is clearly a love/hate lamp, and it fits in perfectly with my flourishing collection of weird lamps
(Kathy, we really should count them sometime please!)

Ahhh…perhaps my most treasured find from McEwen Street one fall... and old child’s high chair. It has served us well and seems a better choice than those HUGE plastic modern high-chairs.

I suppose this is when I should be spring cleaning, but I just cannot control myself. This is an old town, with old houses…such great stuff to be found! Just wait til the garage sales start!

Happy hunting,


Anonymous said...

I remember those horsehead lamps growing up! Wow retro flashback! Love your blog and artisans! So inspiring!

Theresa said...

Jen I love your glass cabinet!!! I have a thing for antique furniture...especially old tables.:)



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