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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Babes in Blogland

...oh I am terrible...
I was "tagged" sometime back and in the haze of chores and catch up from our big event, I forgot to respond with the, "5 things you might never know about me"...and I am wondering, "Do you care?"...but, I must oblige.

...and then I must "tag" a few fabulous "Babes in BLOGland" who in turn, must share....and so on and so on...

Eee-gads what to tell...

...I have already confessed my obsession with one of many...
...admitted that I play dolls...
...and that I eat chocolate daily, but only if it's dark...
...and, clearly, I love my job as a mom and promoter of fab artists...
(see images above of the hats I wear!)
...and still, I am expected to lift the portcullis of my soul more?!

Ok, here goes.

1. I really, really like factory tours. I will watch just about anything get made. Favorite tours to date include: bialys at Bell's in Brooklyn, Piper Cubs in Vero Beach, Florida, Alexander Dolls in Harlem (aforementioned visit) and of course, Guinness in Dublin.

2. I met my husband in the wee hours of the morning at bar in the East Village. He was so "nice", I fixed him up with a friend of mine. Yet another, "hand me down".

1. Food faves: sushi and steak, but I beg you...don't let the "junk" cereal in the house. I cannot help myself...I will eat it by the box without shame...likely making up for the deprivation of said in my youth, where I was regularly forced to ingest wheat germ and vitamins by my "free-thinking" mother...

4. I have an immensely large, raucous family. "How large?", you ask. We are 62 first cousins, with many more in the emerging generations. I am the firth of five -- could you guess I was the baby in the birth order cocktail -- to parents, each of nine children.

5. I want to be me when I grow up. I remind myself daily: I am a work in progress, I can change my mind, I can do better, I made a mistake....
And so it goes... over the tasks and under the wire, the warp and woof of my days.

That said, I am onto the "tagging" part of this BLOGland custom.
Ladies, you are IT!
Click the links below to meet some of my fave "babes in BLOGland".
I love them. I admire them. And, you'll see, their personal styles, savvy and sassy wit shine in their blogs.

Ciao for now! And Stacey, promise me we can go to the pretzel factory when I come to York this summer?

xxoo Jen


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks Jen--I'll get right revealing my life of mysteries--and yeh, sure, that family of yours is a real secret. If anyone wants to see something really freaky just show up at Jen's 4th of July party and see how many people look like Jen--there's like 100's of them! True story.

(she's the one in the tutu doing keg stands at the root beer barrel)

hmmm, I think I'll go paint that for your birthday...

Theresa said...

Jen you're not the only one that tried to give her future husband away to someone else... I tried that too. Thank goodness the person I tried setting him up with told me that really he was for me and not her...she was right. :)



Thea said...

Jen, Even after knowing you for nearly 20 years now, I learned new things about you in this post --#1 and #2 were news to me! I'm busting to know who you fixed Micah up with! I knew Micah was the one for you when he spoke to me so sympathetically, and in your absence, about your hat collection.

That's the joy of blogs in this techno-crazed world. They actually promote reflection and allow for the exchange of a very different kind of information.

Keep adding those hats! Thea

Anonymous said...

I have more cousins than you do all on my mom's side of the family. My came from a family of 21 kids!


Anonymous said...

sure jen,
we can do the:
pretzel factory
chip factory
cheese doodle factory
candy factory
(notice a trend here!!!!)
and the harley davidson factory


Jennifer Lanne said...

You know if you go to the Hershey Factory they give you a free hershey kiss at the end!whooo hoo

Why is it the simplest facts about someone are the most fascinating?
You're a marvel Jen!


Anonymous said...

Count me in on all the factory tours...Stacey I am right there with you. Sounds like a ball!


Anonymous said...

that's why I adore Jen..she's a fascinating person!


Anonymous said...

Jen - what fun you are having! It is always fun to get a sneak peek of what somebody loves, we are all so different and amazing. You light up a room wherever you go!

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