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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bear Hugs

There is something utterly wonderful about a teddy bear (this little cutie is by Jody Battaglia). I love them, their expressions, their body language…and most of all, their simple capacity to imbue a scene with nostalgia.

They are a yesterday, a soft memory in texture. I have always had them about…in a favorite chair, in cupboards with other heirloom toys and folk art and, funny enough – popping out of countless pottery vases and vessels. When I broke the lid of a favorite teapot recently, I stuck a wee bear in it and voila -- the loss was a new display opportunity.

Teddies and chocolate have long been favored gifts for sweethearts on Valentines Day. Yes, I do have a sweetheart, and he is wonderful, but he is no giver of gifts. But never mind, I usually find a teddy for myself each Valentine's Day and “inform him gently” that his shopping has conveniently been done for him.

Here are some of my favorite bears and hares of the "sweetest season"…

Sascha from Pat Murphy …she is at the top of my wish list.

…then of course there is this little nugget by Lori Ann Corelis….

Any of these cuties from Heidi Steiner would do the trick...

...Now, with reference to chocolate, I’ll take mine straight up, dark please…and a bit a day does the trick...extra of course, in preparation for Valentine's Day!
...and please think of my chocoholic pal, Little Red Robin, when you might be having any of her favorite candy...She's just out of surgery and needs good thoughts for a speedy recovery! We hope she's up to making it to
"the heART of winter" this weekend.
xxoo Jen


Theresa said...

I love chocolate almost anyway you can serve it... well except for the really dark stuff 80% just isn't for me. It also sounds like your hubby is a bit like mine. I buy my own gifts but I find I'm happiest that way (I get what I want).
All the fuzzy critters you posted today I'd take home too... such sweeties they are. I send good wishes to Robin. I hope she heals quickly.



Victorian Lady said...

Aww :) So sweet! I especially like Heidi's...makes me think of my girls!

Also...tag! You're it! I picked you out of my 5 blog friends to tell 5 things about yourself!
Have fun!

Victorian Lady said...

Hey :) So what you do is post 5 things about yourself that you don't think people already know. Then you pick 5 other bloggers and tag them the way I did you. That's it :) I hope you have fun with it! I did...I recruited the help of my husband and it was hilarious what he came up with! :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Always fun to see the new things at Earth Angel!
Best wishes~

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