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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dinos Get the Guest Room Ready

Well, I am supposed to be looking at old dino bones today, or dioramas or the giant whale that hovers over the masses.... We planned to go to the Museum of Natural History today (to my kids, the "Night at the Museum- Museum")...we've been planning for months, we printed the floorplan from the web, we discussed footware options...but instead I am looking out the window...we are snowed in..AGAIN!

So we lit a fire and played board games...and began to chat about our plans for the holidays. Where we are going... and when, who's coming here... and when...the kids wrote letters to the Nroth Pole...and then...
we started to get itchy for a "project"...

A few hours into the day we decided to get our spare room ready for the holiday guests that will be here as soon as Santa...

So thanks to the snow and our cancelled dino excursion, the guest room is underway!!!! (Charlotte's former bedroom) Also called Michelle's Room, Ro's Room, Lisa's Room, Laurie's Room, Jennifer's Room, Jack's Room, ...and all my other gal pals and relative who visit...some will be coming over the holidays so we are working to get this room ready for them!
Here are some before pictures...and some shots of my gathered treasures for texture and inspiration...I am thinking of using gobs of browns with black and white...and is there room for red??? Maybe some gathered shells and rocks, with my brown and white transfer ware....we'll see how it turns out...
I won't be buying any furniture just yet, just moving some things around and cruising the basement for some re-purposed oddities...I am thinking of giving up the desk in my bedroom...I never use it...and using it in the new guest room...and just maybe that old basket in the attic will make a good end table....lamps are not an issue (previously confessed obsession with lamps re-stated here)...

The "after" will follow soon...I have recruited my Dad to paint perhaps as soon as tomorrow...and Micah will put the floor down on Saturday (gotta love that laminate and a handy man).

And you are so right...YES, I should finish wrapping those Christmas gifts, I should be...I should be...but, we have been hoping for a well-appointed guest room for some time...we have so many fabulous friends that come to visit and the "aero-bed" is fine, but it's just not the same and as a private room with a stack of fresh towels, a desk with some nice stationery and a carafe for water...

So the shopping and wrapping and cleaning will just have to wait a bit. Sharing the season with friends in our home is on the agenda!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the spirit of the season.
More soon... and Merry, merry!
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jen I can't wait to see how your guest room turns out. I love the color choices you mentioned. I'm sure it will be just as beautiful as the rest of your house. :)

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you. :)



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