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Monday, September 3, 2007

wearable fun

Lynsey never ceases to amaze me. From humble wool she concocts and array of jewelry and wearable art that pays homage to her love of color and her beloved Scottish home.

I wear a piece of Lynsey's jewelry almost every day. It's festive, light and adds a needed tactile hue like salt to soup. Never mind that Lynsey is one of the best gals on the planet. She's earnest, with a quick wit and a smile that is lovely beyond words. I think perhaps, I first bought her work because I liked her so much and envied her never ending imagination for shape and color. Now, wearing her bracelets, scarves and chunky rings, has become a bit of my signature style. I am grateful to Lynsey for this wearable fun; her creations are ever the ice breaker and beg to be touched!

Lynsey introduces a new line twice a year at the NY International Gift Fair in the Spiffy British Artists aisle.... february , when she has been in the States to be our featured artist at out annual Valentines Festivities,
and in August.

So here's to Lynsey and her new line...this time around there are birds, twigs, baubles adorned with wooden beads, and some fabulous monotone pieces in crisp heather grays and charcoals with black.
We'll be sending out an email update of this new work, just email me if you'd like to be on this list.

And in the meantime, remember if you love art, wear art.
xxoo Jen O'Connor


Jennifer Lanne said...

ooooh so fun and pretty! I'm thrilled to see scarves are I can't wait for fall!

Karen said...

You both have beautiful smiles and her jewelry is darling. I too, love the array of colors she uses to bright up any ones wardrobe. A very fun and whimsical style. said...

Hi darling,just stopping by to see whats new,been up to my elbows in family and working on Halloween art.Always enjoy seeing your artist and their creations.

Cherry Runway said...

Her jewelry is just amazing. The colors are so brilliant. I am in love with that pillow too. She is very talented. :)

Cherry Runway said...

You look great in these photographs too Jen, Ksedlak is right, you both have amazing smiles!

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