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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

CONGRATS TO VAL... I am thrilled

I am totally thrilled to see Val's creative space in print...and 10 pages!!  
A total WOW...
What a treat to see "The Crib" featured in the latest Where Women Create magazine... 
A huge thanks to Jo Packham for the opportunity to celebrate Val's style and share her business story in my column "The Business of the Studio"...

You can read more about the mag and take a bigger peek HERE on the 

And you can see Val's uber cute and totally fab, re-purposed creations HERE....

CONGRATS VAL!  So happy to share this great news of your accomplishment and I am thrilled and honored to have worked on this with you!
xo Jen

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


...have you READ THEM YET???
 Jo's new issues are out... 
Thanks to Jo and her writers and contributor for all they do to inspire me everyday....


Hi All -- 

We're getting ready for the RHINEBECK FAIR on JUNE 1-3 where Earth Angels Studios is the largest vendor with a fab booth filled with art, handmade and vintage style!


ON SAT, 6/2 at NOON in our pavilion!!!! 

Thanks in advance to Heidi Corley Barto 
(AND RICKY!!!) for hosting!!!

So if you are planning on going...
it's time to buy your advance, discounted 
tickets and come see us! 

 tix also available at the gate...
And here's some info from the FAIR website -- 
you'll see we're listed as special guests!

Fair hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
(Early Bird ticket holders can enter at 8:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday). 
Rain or Shine
Presented by Country Living Magazine, the event offers visitors the opportunity to fully experience the “Country Living” lifestyle and meet the editors of Country Living. More than 200 vendors will gather at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

This event features GREAT SHOPPING, including antiques, artisans, art, furniture, upcycled and handcrafted goods, home d├ęcor and more. Featured vendors in 2017 included Adams Fairacre Farms, Earth Angels Studios, Beekman 1802 Mercantile,  Findings at Summerhouse, Gathered Comforts, Hudson Valley Seed Company, Rough and Tumble Vintage, Stash Style, and South Porch Antiques.


 Hope to see you there! Special guests Sue Parker, Diane Sammarco, Chrisite Ruiz, Heidi Corley Barto, Ricky, Danielle Kugler, Lisa Pisani and more Earth Angels artists and friends!

xo Jen

Thursday, March 15, 2018

time for the Annual Birthday Sale...

Yep...those of you who read my BLOG 
always hear about it first...

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

...a peek at a magcial place...celebrating the atelier of Rosanna De Bellis...

Rosanna De Bellis has her own magic...she knows how to celebrate everyday in the beauty she finds in small moments and in the handmade things she treasures....
I have known and admired her for so many years, it's my honor to call her my friend...but she's really more than that...she's a soul sister who shares so much of my journey with my family and my business...and shares her own...
I am grateful to know her everyday....

Thanks to you Rosanna, for this amazing peek at your craft room and are an inspiration!
Your style and festive nature bring joy to so many...

Thanks too go to Jo Packham of Where Women Create magazine for the opportunity to include Rosanna in the latest issue of the magazine....

 Rosanna has some very special projects underway... and you'll be hearing more about them soon!

 She's invited Earth Angels artists and friends to her hometown of Mantova, Italy for an event next year --
 that's sure to be a celebration full of artful style!!!

And she's working on a very special BOOK featuring artists, personalities and inspiring souls who celebrate everyday...

 Please be sure you are following Rosanna on INSTAGRAM as @rosannadebellis
Here is a link to her joyful and lovely feed....CLICK HERE TO SEE IT....

Thanks Rosanna for sharing your style and adding beauty and whimsy to our everyday!

xo Jen

Thursday, February 22, 2018

...a dolls' dressmaker...peek into her world

I totally adore Hilary Wagstaff and all that she creates... what a true treat for me to dedicate my column to her in the latest issue of Where Women Create  
that's JUST hit the newsstands...
 Hilary has a 
finely tuned personal style... 
the clothing she creates for Blythe dolls shows that she's at the top of her craft -- with an aesthetic that makes her creations clearly identifiable as her art.  
Her story and style were a natural match for my 
"Business of the Studio" column...
...her wee fashions send me...
tiny embroidered details, finely fitting frocks.... but above all that...Hilary has a wonderful story of her business and how it happened...
how fab that she's shared her story!

A huge thanks to Editor in Chief, Jo Packham of Where Women Create for the opportunity to celebrate Hilary and her Moshi Moshi Studio 

 A peek at her studio space shows her empirical nature and her dedication to order, a love of vintage fineries,
and a nod to texture...

I was thrilled to be invited to photograph her studio space last year in Penarth, Wales.

 You can follow Hilary via her facebook page...HERE'll find a link 
to her etsy page there...
 she's on Instagram as @hilarywagstaff

Thanks Hilary for sharing your story and style! Your creations are fabulous, your business journey noteworthy and I am so grateful to know you through the wonderful Blythe community!

 xo Jen

Friday, February 16, 2018

London event next week...SUPER EXCITED....

...hi all...

I'll be heading to London next week ... 
I am super excited to once again participate in the fab HUGGLET's WINTER BEAR FEST...

along with special guest and featured artist



...I'll also be doing several photo shoots for Jo Packham's Where Women Create magazines...STAY TUNED for just a few peeks and intel about these exciting shoots... be sure to follow me on instagram at @jensearthangels

Will I see you in London again??? 
So many friends there that I am super excited to see...
Hope so!! 

 Stay tuned for more peeks!
xo Jen

Saturday, February 10, 2018

paying the bills with your passion...part III..take note of you're a creativpreneur!

Some of you have been following my column in Where Women Create: BUSINESS
"Turning Your Passion into Your Paycheck"
If so -- TAKE NOTE -- Part III has just dropped onto the newsstands and it's packed with tips and tools for MARKETING YOUR HANDMADE BUSINESS...

...many of you don't know that my formal training is in Urban Planning -- yep -- even have the Masters and the Professional License (AICP) -- 
but that may not seem to match with what I do everyday with Earth Angels Studios...

But it does! It does!  Why??? 
My specialization in Planning is in small business economic development... that means, I know how to help business grow through garnering sales, how they market and how they position themselves within the economy as makers and manufacturers...

So now -- instead of working with food and fashion liked I used to in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn when I lived in Queens -- I work with handmade and have since I started my dabbling in 1994 as a hobby business...

I went full time into Earth Angels in 2000 when I had my first kiddo and have not looked back.... Soooo it' really nice for me to have the opportunity to come full-circle and share my business development know-how in this four part series called 

"Paying the Bills with Your Passion"

(you can catch the prior columns -- Parts I & II --
 in the July and October issues...)
A big thanks to Editor in Chief, Jo Packham, for the opportunity to share my experience and know-how in this column...

It's been a joy for me to work on these articles to encourage artful entrepreneurship.

You can order copies of the magazine HERE

And thanks to all for your support of my work at Earth Angels...

xo Jen

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dolly Treasures! A total wow and congrats to Eileen Lam!!!

The new issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS is out and I am totally thrilled to share the news of talented Eileen Lam's feature...

 Eileen's artistry is noteworthy...she photos her beloved Blythe dolls in the most charming of settings and streetscapes!

She's built a beautiful business -- and published two books -- of her photographs...
I was honored to photo her at work and share her story in a feature I produced...

Thanks to you Eileen, for sharing your style and talent...your work brings me such joy and it was an honor to share it!

And thanks to Jo Packham for the opportunity to celebrate Eileen and her work!

AND do follow Eileen on Instagram at 
or on Facebook!
xxoo and enjoy a browse of her images... 
they are a hoot!

Monday, January 29, 2018

EVENT THIS WEEK -- the 12th Annual "heART of Winter"

Sure hope you can join us for this sweet celebration of handmade for 
Valentine's Day....

We are thrilled to be hosting our 
12th annual event at the adorable, 
new shop of sisters Lisa and Danielle

2/2 & 2/3
10-4 each day -- WOO HOO! 
...and we've got so many wonderful treats and surprises planned...

You can expect:

BLYTHE demos at 11am on Friday and 1pm on Saturday...

Show Specials & Sales

Featured artist Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle Designs

Vintage Loot

...and more...

 165 South Plank Rd.
Newburgh, NY

Hope to see you there!
xo Jen

Saturday, January 13, 2018

tell me what you like...can you give me your opinion

...I struggle with what to share here 
and in our email updates...

So can I ask your help? 

What do you want to see and read about?
New arrivals or artist profiles??

My personal and business journeys??
Peeks at our events or news of them coming up???

My editorial work??

It's hard for me to know what content to share on ....I have so much going on and so many irons in the fire and I am not sure what you are looking for
... so tell me!

I appreciate your support and your time is valuable!
Please email me at Jen@EarthAngelsStudios - or - comment here - or - give me some kind of shout out if you are interested in seeing MORE of anything...
reading more about anything...etc!

Likewise, let me know if your BLOG reading has dropped out a bit...and you rely on more visual stimulation like Pinterest or Instagram to feel connected....let me know!
In the meantime... here's a peek at some collages that I have been sharing on the email to show what's new on the site as we enter the sweet season of Valentine's and all things PINK and PRETTY!

Hope you can catch us at our next appearance in NEWBURGH, NY at the uber cute and totally fabulous shop SJ VINTAGE 1923...

We'll be doing an artful Pop-Up on Friday and Saturday -- February 2nd & 3rd from 10-4 each day...sure hope you can be there for our 12th Annual
"heART of winter" event with 
Sue Parker and Jen O'Connor 
as special guests of Danielle Kugler and Lisa Pisani...

As ever, thanks for your support and I hope that 2018 is off to a good start for you!
xo Jen

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