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Saturday, February 10, 2018

paying the bills with your passion...part III..take note of you're a creativpreneur!

Some of you have been following my column in Where Women Create: BUSINESS
"Turning Your Passion into Your Paycheck"
If so -- TAKE NOTE -- Part III has just dropped onto the newsstands and it's packed with tips and tools for MARKETING YOUR HANDMADE BUSINESS...

...many of you don't know that my formal training is in Urban Planning -- yep -- even have the Masters and the Professional License (AICP) -- 
but that may not seem to match with what I do everyday with Earth Angels Studios...

But it does! It does!  Why??? 
My specialization in Planning is in small business economic development... that means, I know how to help business grow through garnering sales, how they market and how they position themselves within the economy as makers and manufacturers...

So now -- instead of working with food and fashion liked I used to in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn when I lived in Queens -- I work with handmade and have since I started my dabbling in 1994 as a hobby business...

I went full time into Earth Angels in 2000 when I had my first kiddo and have not looked back.... Soooo it' really nice for me to have the opportunity to come full-circle and share my business development know-how in this four part series called 

"Paying the Bills with Your Passion"

(you can catch the prior columns -- Parts I & II --
 in the July and October issues...)
A big thanks to Editor in Chief, Jo Packham, for the opportunity to share my experience and know-how in this column...

It's been a joy for me to work on these articles to encourage artful entrepreneurship.

You can order copies of the magazine HERE

And thanks to all for your support of my work at Earth Angels...

xo Jen

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