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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dolly Treasures! A total wow and congrats to Eileen Lam!!!

The new issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS is out and I am totally thrilled to share the news of talented Eileen Lam's feature...

 Eileen's artistry is noteworthy...she photos her beloved Blythe dolls in the most charming of settings and streetscapes!

She's built a beautiful business -- and published two books -- of her photographs...
I was honored to photo her at work and share her story in a feature I produced...

Thanks to you Eileen, for sharing your style and talent...your work brings me such joy and it was an honor to share it!

And thanks to Jo Packham for the opportunity to celebrate Eileen and her work!

AND do follow Eileen on Instagram at 
or on Facebook!
xxoo and enjoy a browse of her images... 
they are a hoot!

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