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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time to Trick or Treat!

A very happy Halloween to you&
hope it's lots of fun.

I am in it for the candy corn and the chocolate 
so watch out sugar, here I come.

Whatever you are up to for the holiday...enjoy!

xxoo Jen

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...had to share...
there's oodles of NEW loot posting to the site & 
FREE SHIPPING until 11/11
Order anything on the site, and we'll pay the standard shipping charges when you checkout with coupon code SHIPmeFREE
xxoo Jen

Monday, October 27, 2014

...hello Monday hello things from Devon...

Hello Monday...
It's a good time to share a peek at what's been going on here...
It's time to greet the week with a hope of sharing a bit about a recent jaunt 
I was fortunate to make to the annual convention of NATS!

If these images of British ceramic art at a recent sales mall mean nothing to you, I won't be offended if you skip this post...

You see, some of the circles I travel in are not always concentric to family, 
or kids, or my business. But for many years....
28 to be exact...I have collected Torquay pottery...
 I love the stuff...don't know what it is???
That's ok...hello to learning something new...

This included here as excerpted from
‘Torquay Potteryhas become the generic term covering the numerous potteries that made Art Pottery and later souvenir/household pottery, from around 1860 until the late 20th century, mainly using local sources of red Devon clay. These potteries were based within about 5 miles of Torquay, in Devon, but also include a few other West Country potteries which copied the Torquay style. They were usually established by craftsmen who had learnt or practised their skills in Torquay.

That said hello to all the wonderful pottery friends I have collected over the years...the friends trump the pottery any day...

 Hello Sharon...thanks for the Open House...hi Kathy!

Hello Bob...adored your talk on North Devon pots...
even better to finally meet you!

Hello know those wonderful mottoes about treasuring the moment...well attach one of them mentally to this picture!

Hello Barb...all the way from Toronto...
loved hearing about your Egyptian pieces and your family's musical nature...

Hello Allison and Judy!  Could have talked to you two all day long...LOVE that HOTCAKES necklace Allison! We seem to have more than pots in common and Judy, I sure hope I can make it to Arkansas next year...

Hello Lyn & know how much I adore simply being with you two! 
And Lyn, what are friends for??? You even got me to eat Buffalo!!

Hello again Kathy and Judy!

Hello Allison...sure hope you can make the 
Nashville Country Living Fair this coming April!

Hello June & John...always a treat to chat with you...

Hello Brenda and Ian...
you two get the long-distance award traveling all the way from England!
 thanks for making the effort to share such amazing pots in the SALES ROOM!!!

Hello new week and old friends. Hello Jer & Di, hello Terry.

Hello Shelby & were sorry plans went sideways...

Hello to pretty things, and treasuring them over the years.

Hello to playing catch up...there is so much to do around here, 
if I think about it, I am gonna lose it!

Hello to making time to share an hour, an afternoon, a day with a can learn so much from them.

Hello NATS ... Hello TPCS ... 
Are you in American and interested in here 
In Britain... click here 
(be like me and consider joining both!)

Hello DEVON!!!  I miss you...what a great part of the planet you are...

Hello to all of you and have a super about some hellos...
leave a comment...

xxoo Jen
PS   See you soon Kathy! CANNOT WAIT!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

thanks go to her for sharing...Debbee we love you

I are thrilled to share Debbee Thibault's
Personal Collection & Artist Proofs via the site
...some are here...more coming later this month...

So very many wonderful, extra special pieces from 
Debbee's talented hands...these are a piece of her history.

Use Coupon Code DebbeePROOF for 20% OFF
at checkout with any artist proof purchase 
before 10/31

Thanks go to Debbee...a million thanks to her for allowing us to share this piece of her long and successful history and artistry with our Earth Angels' customers.
xxoo Jen

Monday, October 20, 2014

my fingers are crossed...Hello Monday

Hello Monday....
We're on our way to Atlanta this week! 
This is quite simply one of my very favorite events...each of the Country Living Fairs is wonderful...and if you are anywhere in the area, don't miss the chance to see the pages of the magazine come to life.

Catch the art and artistry in our tent and at the artists in action
at Earth Angels LIVE! -- our demo tent...more details on our events page

...need tickets...visit Stella Shows

Hello Monday...
hello 17 hour drive
Hello road trip, packing and unpacking the truck...sigh.
hello hard work and Hello and HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 16, 2014

drumroll's HARVEST MOON!

....she's October's"Feature Artist"
We are so proud to Celebrate Her Style!!!

Thanks to Valerie for sharing her talents...
I love the way she upcycles wools and fun textiles into her
 pillow-like softies & critters...
and her fab skirts, too (shop them at the FAIR)!!


Thanks to Val for all she does to add her color and style to Earth Angels!
xxoo Jen

Monday, October 13, 2014

hello Monday & WOOT WOOT

.....hello Monday! 
I am ready for this new week with some wonderful news to share.

I love when editors contact me to feature artists and products and a more in depth look at the art I treasure and sell.

A big thanks to Editor Jickie Torres of Cottages & Bungalows magazine...
...she's featured three Earth Angels artists among her pages this month 
and I am so proud and excited to share this with you...

Hello to nice news, nice press and sharing good things.

 Here's Magda and her art...
And in the spooky chic shopping and style section, you can spot Ashley Carter's Goldbug and Stacey Bear's original painting...

Thanks to these wonderful editors and HELLO APPRECIATION...
you are a wonderful thing to share.

Hello to Halloween...that candy-happy holiday is not to far off and it's major talk on the costumes in our house!

Hello emails...I am so far behind in correspondence it is crazy!!

Hello to all of you and hope you have a super week...leave some hellos in the comments section -- feel free to link to your blog -- and tell us what you are up to...

xxoo Jen
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