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Thursday, February 22, 2018

...a dolls' dressmaker...peek into her world

I totally adore Hilary Wagstaff and all that she creates... what a true treat for me to dedicate my column to her in the latest issue of Where Women Create  
that's JUST hit the newsstands...
 Hilary has a 
finely tuned personal style... 
the clothing she creates for Blythe dolls shows that she's at the top of her craft -- with an aesthetic that makes her creations clearly identifiable as her art.  
Her story and style were a natural match for my 
"Business of the Studio" column...
...her wee fashions send me...
tiny embroidered details, finely fitting frocks.... but above all that...Hilary has a wonderful story of her business and how it happened...
how fab that she's shared her story!

A huge thanks to Editor in Chief, Jo Packham of Where Women Create for the opportunity to celebrate Hilary and her Moshi Moshi Studio 

 A peek at her studio space shows her empirical nature and her dedication to order, a love of vintage fineries,
and a nod to texture...

I was thrilled to be invited to photograph her studio space last year in Penarth, Wales.

 You can follow Hilary via her facebook page...HERE'll find a link 
to her etsy page there...
 she's on Instagram as @hilarywagstaff

Thanks Hilary for sharing your story and style! Your creations are fabulous, your business journey noteworthy and I am so grateful to know you through the wonderful Blythe community!

 xo Jen

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