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Monday, December 30, 2013

...oh so merry and nice...HELLO MONDAY!

Hello Monday!!
'tis STILL the season...
and it's still 2013, so let me play catch up on a few things before the new year rolls in!

I love this time of year...I want it to last, to let the sweet moments linger. And the decorations all about me seem to hold those memories and moments close from year to year...'s nice to see so many of my fave decorations in print...and the creations of some of my fave artists too! Thanks to Cottages & Bungalows for the feature in the December issue.
Thanks to Jickie Torres for the fab chance to share a peek at decorating in my house this year...
Cottages & Bungalows saluted the "Joy of Toys" with a peek at my fave tips and treats for decorating with beloved and handmade objects from Jody Battaglia, Nicol Sayre, Letty Worley, Debbee Thibault, Stacey Bear, Sue Parker, Pat Murphy, Pat Castka and Leslie McCabe...oh la la do these gals have a merry style worth noting!

 More new press from 2013 can be seen on the site's recently updates PRESS PAGES...


Hello to great press!!! (....and a BIG Thanks as ever to the wonderful editors at Beckett Media who allow me to share my style and home...)

Hello to whatever makes you happiest!
Hello to keeping those things around you that make you happy...

Hello to decorations...I want to enjoy you a few more days before I tuck you away...

Hello to 2014...I know you are coming soon but I might not be quite ready for you!!

Hello to you all...are you ready for a new year???
xxoo Jen

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Anonymous said...

So so very charming!

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