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Thursday, July 18, 2013

so excited for Jo...Create-ologie has launched!

Congrats to my wonderfully talented and ever inspiring friend, Jo Packham on the launch of "Create-ologie" her new web-based shopping destination for wonderful crafting and studio organizational items...

Please take a peek what Jo's been up to and to see what she's sharing to stay tidy, organized and motivated in the creative process.

Here's what Jo is sharing about her new venture:

"As an artist, organization was not a strength of mine until recently. As with all things worthwhile in life, it took me some time to learn how to get (and stay) organized. Organization is a matter of owning up to your real-life habits and expectations — your system has to work with you, not against! Having a gorgeous design strategy to go with it certainly never hurts either.

One thing that helped me clear the clutter in my studio was recognizing what was working and what could be improved. Big, open boxes equal a big pile of mess; however, if I organized the contents of those boxes into smaller containers, I could quickly and easily retrieve what I needed, whether it was ink, stamps or ribbon.

I am also far more likely to stay organized if I like the containers I am using, like this adorable tin with glass jars inside. I love the art nouveau look, and the jars are so useful! Just take what you need and put it back when you’re done — how simple is that?"

Congrats Jo!
xxoo Jen

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