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Monday, July 15, 2013

the summer is melting away...

Hello Monday.

the summer feels as if it is melting away...rolling past me, not at warp speed like the rest of the year, but at a pace that is all it's own...

And I like it best when it feels like the days when I was a kid. 
When there was less to worry about, and time to daydream.
And I've been driving my old wagon a ton...
(we took it out to Wisner Road to shoot it for a retro love piece I am working on for FOLK Magazine...stay tuned on that)

Cool quiet mornings when it feels like the day is looming large and long, and sticky afternoons where you've run out of energy and all the grand plans for the day become hazy and loose.
Peaceful evenings with no real bed times and the promise of the next day.

...hello working only 3 days a week for a few weeks...ahhh....

...hello cleaning out the closets and starting lots of house projects that have been on the to do list for months, nay years!

...hello ice cream for breakfast.

...hello lots of kids around the house.

...hello bare feet.

...hello sunshiney, long days that lead to firefly evenings.

...hello summer and move just a wee bit slower please.

How is your summer going? 

xxoo Jen


Candace Bertalan Horner said...

Oh Jen that post of yours reminded me of riding in the back of the station wagon as kids: lil sister stuck her head out, mom said GET YOUR HEAD IN and raised the window with the button and her head got wedged in, just for a second, mom pulled over and we went home, poor Mom! Another time I stuck my tongue out at a cop who pulled her over when we got lost and was mean to her, !! He pulled her over again, omg! #lovesummer #firefliesrock #soonemptynest

Lynn said...

Loving the grocery getter!

Pegi Convry said...

What an amazing post!! I could see all the words come to life!! Thank you, Jen!!! For reminding us what Summer is all about!!!

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