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Monday, July 22, 2013

...the family that gets crabby together....Hello Monday.

Hello Monday...the week was a hot and spicy one! 
It was also sentimental and full of crabby family time...

We gathered on Saturday in Maryland to remember a really wonderful woman. 
We miss you Aunt Cindy.

So glad that Micah's Aunt Holly & Uncle Bill pulled together a gathering in her honor. 
We shared pool time, oodles of crab in Old Bay, quite a lot of beer and some wonderful memories.  We'll do it again next year, but hope to see these Maryland members of Micah's family before then.  They're avid hikers and climbers so we're hoping to lure them north for some time on the Appalachian Trail that wends its way through Warwick.

And if you've never eaten a crab, look up Joe Voelker! 
That man has it down to a refined science of style that amazed me and the kids who were riveted as he ribbed the entrails from those sea bugs! 

And all that work for a bit of meat?  Yep. Rory and his Aunt Lara above all will tell you it's worth it! I confess it's sweeter than lobster and all that salt from the Old Bay, keeps you quenching your thirst -- as if the hard work cracking the shells wasn't enough?!

Thanks to all for a very special, totally messy, and festive day.

Getting us all in a picture not so easy, but  we made a go of it...

 You'll note the dog was most cooperative. 

 Hello to Family far and wide. We love you of course, and we like you too!
We all need to make that time to gather, it's what matters most.

Hello dirty hands and sticky days with cool pools, and evenings and ice cream waiting.

Hello car trips and books on tape.

Hello planning for our trip to Germany...Eises here we come!

Hello Uncle Bill, you know it's all your fault Micah is a motorhead. 
Not a bad thing to pass along in the gene pool....

Hello mid-summer's dreams and daydreams...whatever they may be for you.
Enjoy them and making the memories that hold us all together through the years and across the miles.
 And by the way...were those really school supplies in the stores??!?!
Fugghetaboutit...there's just no way I am buying notebooks and pencils in July. School thoughts will just have to wait! This is time for summer fun.

Hello to all of you and hope you have a wonderful week whatever you are up to!
xxoo Jen


Joe Voelker said...

For those who may not know, Old Bay is great on EVERYTHING... including but not limited to steamed crabs (of course), corn on the cob, mac & cheese, white rice, etc, be creative. We sent you home with a liberal supply, so don't hesitate to SHAKE IT.

Too much fun...

Lara Couturier said...

This is such a great chronicle of such a great time! Love the Gibsons and O'Connors and look VERY forward to breaking crab claws with Rory again soon. xoxoxoxox Aunt La

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