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Thursday, May 22, 2008

...the tune has played

...a big sigh...the party is over...

...the gallery stands empty, the champagne glasses are finally clean, the hundreds of footprints on the lawn have been mowed away, and the glass glitter anchors and birdcages that swung from the tent poles are now tucked away for another celebration....

...but there are still so many more images to share...

The weekend is a happy memory...
I am thrilled that the remnants of the festivities are all about me. So much wonderful new artwork arrived and we've moved it all into the secret lab.
I will be sharing email images of the new creations soon, as well as posting on the "after" of the new studio space I've set up.

Until then enjoy!
xxoo Jen


Lori Ann said...

And . . what a lovely time it was! Thank you Jen, for all your hard work. Many thanks to all your "angel helpers" too!!!

jennifer lanne said...

What a memorable time!
Hats off to Jen and all the people behind her that make it happen!
I'm truly inspired!!!

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