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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

..the song continues

A batch of colorful memories...sung in tune.

The art was stand out, the artists knock out and I am out of my mind to have done all this! Really though, it was truly a wonderful experience to curate for the makers and lovers of the art that was shared and showcased.
This post is chock full of the images and memories I want to make yours.

Here are Leslie McCabe's textile and punch needle boxes...

Nicol Sayre's dolls are always stellar...

Pat Murphy's bears look wonderful with Kitty B's boxes...

Here are Dara DiMagno's wearable art is around my neck almost every day...

Here Nicole Bowen shares her style with enthusiast Jen...

Theresa came in from Florida to celebrate her Birthday (HAPPY B-DAY to you!) and became fast friends with the dynamic duo of Gina and Donna, our gallery regulars and good pals...

Here, Jennifer Lanne holds "Rocky Bluff"...JoAnn took this glorious seascape home...Theresa...can you belive this...our photo is converting to a bitmap help!

Emily, a customer friend is an artist herself. She chatted with Dara about her new childrens' book...
Danielle! I am so glad you made the trip it was wonderful to meet you...

Jill Wiener - the cupcake queen and pottery chick supreme - visits with pal Jane...a collector and art enthusiast...
Here is Lori Ann Corelis with our wonderful friend Linda Morrow who visited from California to help us all! This was Lori Ann's frist trip to Warwick and we loved that she could be here.

Heidi Steiner is shamelessly silly and wonderfully witty. She infused the room with her good humor and wit.

Debbie Hartwick saved my life wiht a bowl of soup. Debbie is among the kindest of the kind and her soft sculpture and sewing treasures entrance me.

Here's Debbee Thibault...Debbee, I love that you are at all our events! You make them more special...everyone looks forward to your fabulous stories...

Stacey Bear is among the greatest of gal pals anyone could ever want. And her artistic talent is unmatched!

Jody Battaglia and Dara DiMagno, each of these gals
Every where I turned my camera lens, I saw the gallery was a throng of conversations. Artful energy abounded!
I am working ever so hard to catch up here at the desk full of paperwork...there are images to share of the new art via e-mail newsletters, thank yous to write and as much work to do now as before the event!
- sigh - the meantime, I will console myself with good thoughts of a merry weekend full of art and friendship.
xxoo Jen


KSedlak said...

Jen, what a great gallery of pictures
Everyone is smiling and having a very fun-filled weekend. I am so glad it was successful for you and all the artists who participated.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Theresa said...

Jen sweetie if you send me the photo via e-mail I can convert it for you. :)



Diane Duda said...

Thanks for sharing Jen!
I love reading about these events and seeing all of the wonderful images.


Danielle Muller said...

jen...what a fabulous event! i am so glad i was able to come by. i LOVE all of my treasures! you are truly a wonder! thanks so much for making me feel so welcome! stop by my blog to see more pics!


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