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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Singing Their Song

We had 19 artists here to sing their artful songs at the events of this past weekend. Several posts will be dedicated to sharing the images of the festivities...but first...a salute to the artists themselves without whom none of this would be possible.

A A truckload of beauty, brains and talent...with a special salute to the feature artists Lanne, Kuhn, Di Magno and Taylor Talbot -- ladies quite frankly, you take the cake and then invited us all along to eat it too!

Bonnie T.T....she wowed them all on her first visit to Warwick...thanks for making the trip Bonnie! ...Bonnie ended up at a local Little League game, but that's another story...

Dara DiMagno...we like to call her, Dara DiFabulous...and is that ever true! I love wearing the art Dara creates, it injects my day with glamour and humour!
Here are Julie Arkell and Kitty B..."twins" separated at birth and great pals... these ladies brew silly.

Julie, we really want to keep you in the States forever! Must you go back to jolly olde England?

Jennifer and your paintings inspire...I am continually grateful that you color my world!

Here's Leslie McCabe...textile diva, pal and artist supreme...
Leslie makes sure I actually find some time for me now and then, thanks Leslie.

Letty Worley you are utterly kind, genuine to the core...and her famous saying..."You Got It!"
Translation, if you really need something done, ask Letty...thanks to Letty and her Mom Michelle for the impromptu party for 22 they managed for the tired and the hungry!

Nicky Bowen is just about as cute as her creations!

Pat Murphy I do love you...and your bears are pretty fabulous too! Pat brought along hubby Tom as our bar boy...THANKS Tom for the bellinis, the martinis and the bow tie.
It is impossible to even try to condense the "Song of the Sea" into one they will continue...I have some more wonderful images to share of the artists, their art and the enthusiasts who attended the event...
xxoo more soon
Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

JoAnn said...

This weekend was truly wonderful! Our beloved "Earth Angels" once again amazed, stunned, inspired, & delighted us all with their artistic treasures.
Thank you for the memories.
Respectfully yours,

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