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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Break Out the Bunting

...Memorial Day has arrived and with it, the promise of summer at its heels. So, break out the bunting, plan the BBQ, and remember what the coming season and celebrating America is all about.

...pull together the red, white and blue.

...and with pride, cherish the memory of those who have given us our Country.

Enjoy this holiday weekend...and I offer a heartfelt thanks to all those who have made, and are making America my home sweet home.
xxooo Jen


Diane Duda said...

A beautiful, patriotic post! I enjoyed the images and the sentiment! Have fun with your family and friends!

Lori said...

what sweet little patriotic treats!!!

oldflowers4me said...

go -red white and blue- what fun for you and your family, we have australia day-and we eat and drink with our friends as well, they have fireworks on the front beach, which is divine.. what jo.

paige said...

oh i love it!
i have wanted to see a closeup of the patriotic doll from your precious!
& i guess that's a jennifer painting...WOW!!!!!

mosaic queen said...

I am soooooo envious!!! Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

That sounds just divine, Jen. I love the nostalgia of lemonade on a front porch, and red white and blue banners hanging from the posts, you can conjure up magic, girl! Have a wonderful celebration!!

KSedlak said...

Your post is such a beautiful tribute to the Red, White and Blue and our beloved soldiers who fought for our country and are still fighting for us.
Have a wonderful celebration with your family and friends.

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