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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tea Vote

We drink an awful lot of tea in this family. Tea pots abound, tea tins accumulate and tea parties are de rigoeur.
I would argue that our preferred beverage can be as complex as wine in taste, as companionable as a good friend and certainly worthy of consumption each day.

But ever the question, "Which tea shall we have?"
Which fits the mood, our palette, the accompaniments.

With my nephew and tea enthusiast here for the day, we decided to have a taste test. The kids became the experts (after all, Auntie Jo does own a tea room!) agreeing to sample three varieties from our favorite tea company "Harney & Sons".

Logan voted first and on "Paris"...a black tea with a wisp of caramel and citrus...

Char went for "Bangkok", but I am guessing it was the tin color more than the green tea laced with coconut and lemon grass.

Rory, green light sabre omnipresent, loves the decaf "Vanilla Commoro" with as much milk as tea!

Who knew, I was to the the tie-breaker...
The kids were on pins and needles.....
...and with my vote...."Paris" it is!

We enjoy these at our favorite spot "Charlotte's Tea Room".
I take home my weekly tin of 20 tea sachets on Wednesdays or Fridays when I stop in for a scone and a pot....
xxoo Jen


becca jo said...

i gotta get back into drinking tea. i got burned out when i did flowers for a wedding featuring that same company's tins as centerpieces and i drank A LOT of tea to justify buying the beautiful boxes!

i found out pretty early on, those boxes aren't waterproof! but they do make amazing vases when lined with a jar.

Theresa said...

Tea is wonderful and it's very good for you too. I drink black, red, white and green...almost any flavor will do. I think my all time favorite is The Republic of tea's Asian jasmine white tea. :) My second runner up as far as favorites are concerned would be Revolution's Dragon Eye Oolong tea (which is a green tea)...both teas are very yummy. :)



Anonymous said...

MMMMM, tea... yummy yummy....Iced Black Tea is my favorite... Jen thanks for stopping by my blog and keep in touch... Hugs, MO

PixieDust said...

Hello there,

I've been flitting around internet, blog hopping, and I've now happened upon yours - how lovely! And I caught you on a tea post...

My favorite in the morning is Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea.... mmmmm... a little golden blend or ceylon tea in the afternoon also hits the spot.


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