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Friday, April 11, 2008

Box Alert!


When Kitty B came to visit last week she brought with her armloads of her latest creations...
There always seems to be at least one or two among them that send me! They tickle, cajole, prod or poke at the funny bone, the wish bone or some memory. Kitty excels and ensnaring sentiment.

Here Earth Girl Jill raids the pile of Kitty's latest creations...

Kitty's assemblage shadowboxes are stuffed with vintage goodies and a cacophony of textures. She collects odd bits of yesterday and marries them with color and story.

They wield their mood from bright and cheery, to winsome and pensive. They delight.

We'll be sending two "E-Mail Brian" Newsletters to share complete images of these goodies (....and I should let you know, Kitty's made a gesture with special pricing on these new pieces...thanks Kitty!)...or feel free to email for a sneak peek.
And thanks to Kitty for the constant inspiration...her boxes hang in every, well yes, indeed, every room of my home.
Enjoy your day
xxoo Jen


oldflowers4me said...

ooooohhhh-how divine is kitty's work- just try and think -her mind must be spinning with idears-her art work is just fantastic....

Theresa said...

Kitty's shadow boxes are wonderful!!! The best part about them is they're fun. I especially like th lady bug... very sweet and bright.



Thea said...

I confess! I'm addicted! Kitty's works speak volumes to me and all who see them because they are so evocative of the range of human emotion and experience. They contain entire worlds within without the grimness of Joseph Cornell's work.

I just happily got another and I'm eager to troll through the new arrivals.

Thanks Kitty and Jen! Thea

diane allison-stroud said...

Yippee!! I just love YOU kitty! I'm so thrilled to be getting every room i'm made to smile... have turned my mom on to kitty's work, she's hooked too, so picked out the "mother" piece for that upcoming mothers day surprise. Thanks for making it all so easy Jen!

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