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Monday, April 14, 2008

Laurie Goes Mod

Were you a little girl in the 60s? Do you remember playing with sweet Liddle Kiddles, blinking Blythe, and Dawn dolls?

If you were, and if you do, then this post is for you...child of the mod, weaned on Keane prints, plastic slipcovers, TV and Tang.

Laurie Meseroll salutes her girlie youth and the starry eyed, big-headed babes of that era in a new group of work.
This was a fun exploration of reminiscence for her…she had talked about painting something like this series since we visited Ro's house with Debbee Thibault last summer. are Laurie’s big eyed, big-headed and oh so “mod” little girls.

And here are some Kolorful Kiddles (thanks Ro for these image)….a few of these cuties are familiar to me too…I had Suki Skediddle, and Sleeping Biddle. So sweet, so tiny; they fit right in your hand and were a world of darling play.

Ro, among many wonderful accumulations and collections, is an avid “Kollector of Kiddles”. When that cabinet door opened Laurie went crazy! She had to smell them, loved the colors, talked about how she and her sister had played with them for days on end in the late 60s…She went on and on…the Kologne Kiddles, the Kola Kiddles…ohhh ahhh.

This work has a sassy, swingy palette and hair colors that are from a galaxy beyond... And so, Laurie Meseroll has revealed her passion for the MOD! While Margaret Keane’s large-eyed waifs might live again today in the brassy “Powder Puff Girls”, I prefer Laurie’s iteration of this brand of ingĂ©nue. Her new paintings capture the sweet doe-eyed dolls and playthings so many of us loved as children of that era.

Incidentally, it was just announced in February that Kate Hudson will play Margaret Keane in the movie “Big Eyes”. Filming will begin late 2008. Laurie, you style-setter you… always just one step ahead of the power curve!

Jen O’Connor
Earth Angels


jules said...

OMG~!! I remember these little dolls, and I never "played" with dolls. I loved the way they smelled. I must have smell memories, I can smell them now! Oh, I wish I had one!

Diane Duda said...

Laurie's outdone herself this time! I just love them!!!

Theresa said...

I don't remember the dolls but the paintings are WONDERFUL!!! I especially love the first painting "Winter Walk"... very lovely indeed. I think it's the face and the teal hair I like so much. :)



KSedlak said...

I remember these little dolls, but I was so into Barbie and her Friends that I didn't own any of these. Laurie's painting are adorable. I love the beautiful faces with the big eyes.
Thank you for sharing such delightful paintings and bringing back the 60's.

periwinkle vintage said...

I loved these little dolls, too! I pretended mine was my Barbie's little sister, so she was successfully integrated into the Barbie family! Thanks for that memory.

julie haymaker thompson said...

I Loved my little kiddles!!!!!Thanks to laurie for the memories!!!!

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