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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Texture Meets Color

paints with wool and thread. Her hooked rugs and petite punch needle designs quench my appetite for texture and add color to several rooms in my home. I would willingly build more walls to have more of her art around me!

Images emerge from in whirls of floss, loops of recycled textiles and her imagination. She is inspired by her grandchildren, her dogs, her love of the sea and shore and her time living in Ireland.

Strong, happy and bright... her pieces show skill and savvy...

 does the artist herself!

is ever the teacher. Here she is at our recent gathering of artists for "the heART of winter". She shares her love for textile arts and know-how with patient grace. I'd venture a bet that she has taught more crafters to punch needle or rug hook than just about anyone in the States.

Michelle was captured by Leslie's project.
The artist's hands were ever busy as she demonstrated "how to hook" to so many during our event.

Here she turns her granddaughter's Olivia's drawing into a rug. Skill and style emerge with every loop.

Art to go! Felted and over-dyed wool is at the ready in a tote she brings with her as she travels. She plucks strands as her design progresses. She makes it appear effortless....telling those of us watching her that we could do this.

"Here, you try." she offers.

 is the self-portrait made into forever decor!

Zayla and Leslie became fast friends at their B&B. Zayla and her mom Kimberly travelled from Arizona to attend the event and took home one of Leslie's framed rugs for their lake cottage.

Leslie's sense of color and balance are divine, this with her skills enable her to illustrates a story or scene in texture and hue.

I adore her work, and the artist herself even more. So I simply cannot wait to have her visit again for our 7th Annual Spring Soiree. Leslie will be among the 20 guest artists at our next gallery event the "Song of the Sea".

Bravo and thanks go to Leslie for her talent, for sharing and for her inspiration to create!
xxoo Jen


Kate said...

Ohhh, Leslie's pieces are sooo wonderful. Color and heart pulled through each piece. I've long respected her work over the years, and it was nice to read about her. It was also nice to read that she uses recyled material, which is important to me.

myangelchildren said...

Jen and Leslie,
Zayla and I FELL IN LOVE with you both during our amazing trip to Warwick. What a glorious time we had!!! I agree with Jen, Leslies creations are beautiful, dreamy and so full of comfort and peace. We can not wait to visit again. What a treat to meet Leslie at our bed and breakfast and start our days together. Much love and friends forever, Kimberly and Zayla

Thea said...

Just reeling from that fabulous red post. I framed a Master Card ad that shows row upon row of red shoes with the caption, "was it a fetish or was it the air miles?" Then the Texture Meets Color post showed me the excitement of the intermix of color and texture and form. Red is wonderful on its own but is even more energetic standing amidst turquoise or blue or green. Then shape and texture make the world of color rearrange itself and, with that, us.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Jen! Her stuff is so good,please pass this on to her! So on the mark!!! Sure wish I could could see the world that way!!! But I can her through her eyes!! Hugs Julie H Thompson

jennifer lanne said...

I am honored to have a small piece of Leslie's work. One of the most darling pins that she makes..
The best part is that I can wear it and get tons of compliments!!!

Dara said...

I absolutely adore Leslie! She is the most wonderful person and oh such a talented artist!!! Years ago when I helped my friend, Paul Gordon, at shows I always went "gaga" over Leslie's work. I finally asked her if she would teach me how to needlepunch...of course she did!!! I can't say enough about her....she is just so FABULOUS!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy everytime I see Leslie, she is as friendly as her work. Leslie has a sense of stlye, color and whimsy that is in perfect balance. Her work is vivd and precise from the tiniest pin to the largest of wall hangings. I can wait till May!!!

jody battaglia said...

Leslie and Jen,
Now the secret is out! Those of us who are lucky to be her friends and admirers have known about the wonder of Leslie and her brilliant creations. Her pieces invite you to touch them and when you do you feel the sparks from her creativity and warmth. Now that is hard to achieve. I am lucky indeed to be her friend and Jen you should build some more walls as it will improve the quality of your life, as sparky walls are a good thing.
Have fun, Jody

Theresa said...

All of Leslie's pieces are beautiful. I love the fact that all of her pieces are done in happy colors... they make me smile to see them.



faerie enchantment said...

Her pieces are gorgeous, positively gorgeous!

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