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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cuteness Counts

Winsomely sweet and oh so charming, Jennifer Murphy's designs top the charts of cute. Never twee, her tiny bunnies, birds, bears and beasties are absolutely darling.

Perfectly balanced, her original creations are among my first loves in the realm of folk art. Her workmanship is exceptional. Her creations are tiny and tidy, perfectly decorated and balanced. They are never overdone, never wanting; sublime. The four new ORIGINAL pieces that arrived this week sport spiffy polka dots and juicy summer colors...
It's hard for me to choose a favorite among them.
( can see them in this for details on size and pricing...)
...And likewise, I am loving her line of decorations produced in conjunction with Midwest of Canon Falls. What a grand partnership it has been, and a great chance for Jennifer to have so many of her cheerful designs produced at such tempting prices for so many to enjoy.
The Halloween and Christmas Collections, along with the just released images of the Spring 2008 line are featured on Jennifer's decorations page on out website...Halloween and Christmas are all here and shipping...
I am planning a tree for the holidays encrusted in Jennifer's clip on cuties!

Jennifer learned to sew at her mother's knee...she inherited not only her talent with sewing, but a fabulous sense of texture and hands that fill and sculpt her pieces with an intuitive touch.
Pat Murphy is a tremendously talented teddy bear artist...her skill with the needle and great artistic vision (not to mention a fabulous sense of humor...) have been passed along to her daughter. How wonderful this mother and daughter share a love for old toys and creating new animal friends. Pat and Jennifer's work is throughout my home and I love seeing their creations and thinking of them...I miss them both. Their work fills me, cheers me and extracts chuckles...their creations are memories of shared moments and the promise of future fun!
Jennifer has been a wonderful friend for about 4 years now. It has been my joy to watch her work develop and to collect it with abandon! Her career as a soft sculpture artist has taken a well-deserved star studded trajectory across magazines and television!
(I daresay Jennifer, you were a natural and I am sure they will want you back to share more lessons and inspiration with Martha.) I am forever grateful that she is one of our Earth Angels artists.
And remember, cuteness counts!
xxoo Jen O'Connor


KSedlak said...

Jennifer is one of my favorite artist in the folk world. I love her old fashioned cuteness she puts into her creations. I too, smile at the site of them and think of Jennifer and what she will come up with next.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

My goodness, one is cuter than the next!! I love them all, and I am particularly fond of the Pumpkin Fellow, just adorable!

Lori said...

well of COURSE cuteness counts and these are all just as cute as can be!!! the merry go round in particular has me enchanted!!!

Michelle Sylvia said...

What a sweet, cute and humble artist! Jennifer has is all when it comes to talent! I love the sweet little bunny holding the pink flower...and that Merry go Round is intriguing.


oldflowers4me said...

oh my- jennifer murphy's things are like a little dream- so sweet and divine....

KSedlak said...

I keep looking at that Ferris Wheel.
It is just adorable and with Jennifer's little birds sitting on it makes it that much more enchanting.

faerie enchantment said...

Each of these pieces are absolutely amazing! I am very inspired. So glad I came upon this blog and site. I recognize some familiar friendly faces too!
Magic and Joy!

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