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Monday, August 20, 2007

Artistic Bounty

I am utterly thrilled to announce our new Gallery venture...and I want to thank Jennifer Lanne and Jill Wiener, my friends and artists extraordinaire, who have bravely pledged to lead the parade! They have created a bountiful body of work to open the show.... 182 paintings and more than 80 pieces of pottery...I am humbled by their efforts, and overwhelmed with their talent.
Our first show, “Bounty”, celebrates the rich and textured harvest of the Hudson River Valley. Not only the fruits of the natural world, but the history of a rural people living and working in the region. Inspirations for these artists, both of whom reside and maintain studios in the area, are the lush sentiments of their surrounds.

Jennifer Lanne’s paintings echo the rhythm of the seasons on our undulating landscape and life in the farmyard. Condensed, rich color with bursts of brave brushwork offers classical appeal with a decidedly modern twist. Happy, bright and fragrant with familiar scenes, I am captivated with her canvases.

Jill Wiener pulls magic from clay in her exceptionally crafted, wheel-thrown, and hand-decorated pottery. Her use of form and color tell a playful story of enthusiasm with flowers, fruit and animal friends. Her glazes are deep and delicious, pushing back hues that spark the imagination. This is happy stuff.

We hope you can join us for the Gallery Reception on
Saturday, September 15th from 2-7pm.
Help us celebrate these artists and our new venture in the realm of the Gallery Show. All are invited to attend.
....Thanks to our work crew Dad, Jennifer's hubby Dick, and my niece, made it all possible. And many thanks to our hosts, Debbie and Ken of The Country Life Store, for the fabulous opportunity to show out artists in downtown Warwick, New York.
See you there!
xxoo Jen


gilfling said...

Jen the gallery looks incredible and I am in awe of that amazing body of work!! What beautiful colours. It seems I may have the opportunity to come to New York in December so I am really hoping I can come to the gallery!!! Good luck with the opening. x

paige said...

how totally exciting.
wishing i could just be a little fly on the wall to experience all the fun!!
beautiful beautiful painting from jennifer...of course!! oh i could just squeeze her i love her work so much

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Ah, what a gorgeous looking gallery, full of goodies!! I could just move right in! (is there room for a hair dryer?) ;)

Debbie Miller said...

ooh, great space and great art. wish I lived a little closer to check it out in person.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

left you a nice matters award darling

Lori said...

How exciting and congratulations to
Jennifer and Jill. They are both so wonderfully talented. Jennifer's colors in her paintings are just so beautiful, I love her greens and blues so much...Gorgeous!

Diane Duda said...

Best of luck to everyone involved!

Jennifer's paintings look so beautiful on that brick wall!

mary @ found said...

Wow - so many artists whose work I love in one spot! Hope to visit in person - it looks FABULOUS!

pamelahuntington said...

HI Jen,
the new gallery looks delicious..
congratulations and
many good wishes on this new

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