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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mud-Cakes on the Hudson

Laurie Meseroll has been in Woodstock, NY for the summer.
She wanted to come back to her roots to paint for almost 15 years, but she wasn't ready. Now that she is here in her beloved Hudson River Valley, the work she is creating has come from some place deeply buried and freshly renewed.

Her new creations are in the spirit of the tonalist painters. These revolutionary painters of the 1890's were a part of the Hudson River School of artists. Like her forebears, Laurie is creating the art of our age. Their work was ....evocative, ethereal and true, with a brave rawness in shape and texture...unified in palette.
This is not dissimilar to so many of the sentiments we feel in 2007, and that Laurie is working to capture in her paintings with the decidedly feminine twist that was missed in the last Century.

Her exhibit will go up at "The Country Life Gallery" in downtown Warwick on November 3rd...
....the title of her exhibit...

....under their frond like branches she has found peace and renewal...
Her new work is imbued with a palette of hope and light that surpasses any prior work I have seen Laurie do...
Her new studio and workspace are water to the willow of her soul.
Her new work is deep and mystical, borrowing dreams and singing songs
from the past Hudson River Schools.

She will maintain her studio in Woodstock and will split her time between New York and Ohio. For completely selfish reasons, I am thrilled to have my friend Laurie nearby and ready for adventure. It's also wonderful that she is able to work on some pieces and drive them over for us to look at together. It's a new way for me to experience the story of her work and it allows Laurie to see my reaction to her latest creations...

Congratulations to Laurie on this new adventure and we wish her the very best in her new studio space. We hope you can join us at her upcoming gallery event, and please e-mail us
if you'd like a sneak peek of her new work.
xxoo Jen O'Connor


Kim McCabe said...

Lovely artwork, I like the simplicity of it :). I've gotten so used to my own paintings being so brightly colored that it's always a nice change to see something more subdued.

Lori said...

i love Laurie's new look, very serene and there any glitter here, i can't tell :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh lovely,,,,like an ethereal Rufus Porter......I adore it all. No wonder you are thrilled! Pam

Michelle Sylvia said...

Lori is a natural. I am lucky to own one of her paintings and love it more each and every day. I want more and more! Her color schemes are just lovely. They speak to my soul.


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