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Monday, February 1, 2016

...3 generations making art together..this send me

...the idea of three generations of hands working together to make art truly sends me...

I wanted to share the exciting news that Bonnie Petersen -- grand daughter to artist Annette the founder of Wee Forest Folk and daughter to Willy Petersen -- has just returned from California and begun to work and design 
for her family's 44 year old studio business.
Bonnie's debut collection...called 
was announced just last week and it is truly charming
Here's a bit of a peek at some of her new pieces...

All are available -- in very limited quantities -- at Earth Angels Studios on 

It's a wonderful thing for me to be working with this talented family and I am so very grateful for the opportunity to know them, share their story and promote the sale of their work...
Watch for a feature coming soon in the May issue of Where Women Create magazine. Jo Packham has graciously allowed me to photo and write a story on
Annette Petersen and her incredible business style and story in my column...
stay tuned!

And congrats to the Petersens on these recent accomplishments! I cannot wait to see what's coming next from their Massachusetts studio this spring...

xo Jen

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