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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello Monday and HELLO JO WWC AND WILEY!

...hello Monday....there's so much catching up around here after the show my head is spinning. But, let me pause a moment and say hello to you all...and share some nice news and good press!

I love that Jo Packham has allowed me to work on her magazines over the years. She featured me in her very first issue of Where Women Create, and since then I have been a contributing editor.

 Over the years she has allowed me to photo and write about some of my very favorite women...ones I admire...ones I work with...ones who inspire me everyday.

It was a real treat to photo and interview Nancy Wiley -- doll artist, author, and painter -- for the most recent/just released November 2014 issue...
 I have known Nancy a very long time, but it's only recently that we've been able to do business together...and it has been a good thing. 

So hello to sitting down with a cuppa and having a good read of this article...the above is just a can see the new issue for more...

Hello to working with friends, it presents its own set of challenges but it can be amazing!

Hello to getting things done, one    step   at   a  time.... and not letting that to do list make me completely insane...

Hello to candy overload...

Hello to all of you and have a super week...
I will be posting again soon with some images from the Fair and in the meantime, take a peek at instagram and facebook to see what the Fair was like.
Glad to see so many of you there!

xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Sarah from Creating Contentment said...

Hello Jen! This is the most perfect line: "Hello to getting things done, one step at a time.... and not letting that to do list make me completely insane..." Yep. I'm saying hello to that too. Thank yo for the inspirations. xS

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