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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello Monday and Hello to coming full circle....with teds & Ingrid

Hello's the summer and the schedule is out the window.
I am so loving the break from it all.

Hello new week. Hoping for a productive one!

With a bit more time to think, 
I am able to do some project work around the house and for the business.  
Looking back to move ahead can be a good thing....

Some of you know I got my start in business in 1994 
by doing a doll & bear shows...the circuit was active and so many artists were out there selling their creations.
Along the way I met and worked with so many of them.

While things in the industry have changed much...
there remains so much talent to be sought out and celebrated.

Among these at the top of her craft is Ingrid Schmid of Canada...
I sold her bears from about 2003 to 2007...
she even came down her to Warwick to attend one of my early 
Art Girls Roadshow events as a feature artist... 
...and then life and business and other things got in the way.
as it always seems to do!
And I have missed working with her and 
missed having her soft sculpture art among our offerings.

So I am utterly thrilled to welcome her back!

 A careful look at her work shows that she does incredible things with mohair and vintage textiles.  With inimitable style, he work speaks lovingly to old things, dainty details and exquisite finishing. 
Her love of the vintage is showcased in every creation...

It's a joy that things have come full circle...her style and talent are sure and she's a great complement to our other offerings...

(below her work is pictured with a Nicol Sayre doll)

Thanks again Ingrid for being you, and so thrilled to share what you do with the Earth Angels community of friends and aficionados...

We have some offerings on the site now (click here to see Ingrid's page) and more are coming this summer.
Stay tuned for more from her....

Hello Monday.
Hello to being grateful that things have come full circle.

Hello to going back to what we know to move ahead. 
It works sometimes.

Hello old friends with new ideas.

Hello happy summer days...I am in love with the lack of schedule.

hello to all of you...and hope it's a super week for you whatever you are up to.
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

molly- See you downtown said...

The bears are lovely with such sweet, pensive faces

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