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Monday, June 30, 2014

hello Monday and thanks for celebrating my style....

Hello Monday and hello happy summer days.
The kids are finally out of school.


Hello long, hot days.
Goodbye schedules.
This is happy stuff.

And Hello to nice press...
Thanks so much to the wonderful editors at 
Romantic Homes magazine who believe in me. 

I am grateful to them beyond words for the feature they've done on me in the "Favorites" column of the August issue...that's the fun, last page that features a personality in the industry and their favorite objects, places and/or products...

Hello to feeling appreciated and I hope I can give this appreciation in turn to the many others who inspire me.

Hello to great press and getting the 
word out on what you believe in.

Hello to deciding what you like and sharing it to enjoy it even more...

Hello to you all and have a wonderful week whatever you are up to.

xxoo Jen

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