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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Monday...HELLO CINDERELLA!!!

Hello Monday...
it's a bright new week and there's lots of good stuff going on here...
spring 2014 seems to be bursting with new projects, new ideas and new plans. 
(...perhaps I need my own Fairy Godmother...
or at least a spectacular pair of new glass shoes to get me through it)

It's busier than ever, so I am having to remind myself to slow down just a bit and savor all that is a foot at home 
and in the studios of the Earth Angels' artists too!

Among the freshest of arrivals here, let's sat HELLO to Nancy Wiley's 3rd book from arrived on May 1st and it is utterly stellar in style and story.
This just released "Cinderella" is utterly gorgeous...

Hello to dreams coming true. (and congrats to my friend Nancy Wiley!!!) can see more on it here...the book is illustrated with photography of dolls, fabulous illustrations, line art and sets that she's made to tell the classic tale.
She's done four amazing limited edition character dolls and sculptures  
to accompany the she is dressed for the ball...

 and just as lovely and fetching of face in her rags....

they are pretty high on the wow factor for sure! Details on the dolls here
and of course...her mice besties too!!!

To celebrate, we're hosting "Tea at the Castle"
and a tickets are still available!

So hello to big plans and happy many things in work, I want some of these projects done.

Hello to old friends...I have a group of fellow Torquay Pottery collectors coming today from NATS & exciting for me to be able to chat pots with fellow devotees (I love British ceramic art, but more on that for another time...)

Hello to knowing what you love, and seeking it out.

Hello spring thanks for the rain, now let's bring on the blooms!

Hello Manhattan, I will see you on Wednesday...

....and hello crazy schedule...I am running with ya this week, we have a ton of spring sports games and meets (Aidan plays track and is on the middle school track team, Charlotte does soccer and Irish step and Rory plays travel soccer and is trying baseball for the first time...WHEW!)

Hello to all of you and have a beautiful week...

xxoo Jen

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