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Thursday, January 23, 2014

PRIMS & Papier her style...

...I adore everything that comes from the hands of my talented friend Julie Arkell. She has a singular perception of texture that deserves certain celebration. She marries fabric, thread and paper and -- with her inimitable style -- creates a wonderful array of pieces, creatures and wearables that are treasures.
So it's wonderful to share the news that not only has she been featured in the newest issue of PRIMS magazine, but that we have new work to share from Julie...
So let me offer a BIG thanks to Stampington for the opportunity to share Julie's artistry in the newest issue of PRIMS (available to order HERE)
 ...this is a snippet of what I love about her work most...the detail, the color and the texture...

You can see more NEW PRESS on Earth Angels Studios, me and our artists

...thanks to Julie for the opportunity to share her creations with our customer friends and her collectors. 
You can peek at Julie's work HERE...

xxoo Jen

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