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Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm a Romantic!

I am completely honored that the editors of Romantic Homes (thanks Meryl and Jacqueline!!)
 invited me to submit for their annual 
"Romantics Issue" where they feature women entrepreneurs...designers...artists...adventurers...
who epitomize the "romantic lifestyle" 
so appreciated by their readers...
This arrived in the mailbox yesterday...
What I wrote comes from my heart and I hope you will seek out the issue to share it...

"As a romantic, I find beauty in the color and texture of everyday life.  I then work to share what I see with an enthusiasm that’s infectious.  It’s a choice to see the possibility of each day…perhaps it comes from a willingness to believe in serendipity and all the meanderings of imagination."

....a whole lot more and then...

"In business I cannot help but share my passion for handmade. Something that comes from the hands, comes from the heart; I have built my business sharing the talents of other romantic and inspiring women who create the most beautiful folk art.
Everyday, I make time for beauty. I look for the lovely and let it feed my soul."

In the spread you'll see me, and what makes me tick, and I love that some of my fave artists are included in the images too...Jill Schwartz, Juile Arkell, Letty Worley, Lisa Leonard, 
Jennifer Lanne and Karin byDesign.
 This new issue is a true many great women many heartfelt ideas 
and notions to warm winter and roll us toward Valentine's Day...

Thanks again to those that made this feature possible. I am thrilled. 
xxoo Jen
PS More press on me and the biz 

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