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Monday, May 20, 2013

hello Monday - Catch Earth Angels Coast to Coast - shows in NY and CA in the next 2 weeks!

Hello Monday -- we are in high gear here!!!

 We've got 2 events COMING REALLY SOON...
Yep, you can catch our Art Girls' RoadShow 
Coast to Coast in June. That means you can shop for the art in person and meet the talented artists of Earth Angels' Studios.

First we'll be in Californina....
June 1 & 2 in San Luis Obispo, CA
(Lisa Leonard, Ben Ashby, Jo Packham, Laurie Meseroll and Debrina Pratt will attend)
And  then we're heading back this way and on
June 7,8 & 9 we'll be in Rhinebeck, NY.

Yep that's a whole lotta packing and shipping and traveling going on to bring the art and the artists to you.

Keep Reading For ALL the DETAILS and we hope to see you there....HELLOOOOO EVENTS!

Keep an eye on your email and facebook for more sneak peek images...

If you need info on our California appearance, visit is a really special and beautiful, juried show....

And if you are coming to see us in New York, log onto the Stella Shows website for details, directions and advance tickets.... 
 This is gonna be BIG!
Artists attending include Wendy Addison, Jennifer Paganelli, Jennifer Lanne, Laurie Meseroll, Melody Doyel, Marie Pendley, Sue Parker, Nancy Wiely, and Letty Worley...
Special Guests Jo Packham and Ben Ashby  

WHEW!!! HELLLOOOOO MONDAY I think I am ready for you new week!
Hello to all of you, we sure hope to see you there....

Hello packing suitcases....and boxes and more boxes!
Hello oodles of loot and art and treasures packed up and ready to share.

Hello to a lot of work...(sigh)

Hello to this stellar duet of events.

Hello and and thanks in advance to all who are making these adventures possible...

xxoo Jen

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