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Monday, November 5, 2012

hello gentle to us please

Hello us rebuild.

Hello Monday. I am praying those New Yorkers do what they do best, 
to do what it takes to get the job done. 
And a big job it is.

Hello Monday and please Mother Nature be kind to us in New York, stay warm a bit longer...let us be grateful for the small joys of the season. 
Help those who need to be brave face these challenges.
All my love and thoughts to my friends and their families who lost their homes in Breezy and in Jersey heart hurts for you. 

Hello to good friends making the days feel right, and maybe just normal afterall.

Hello to friends with no power and sharing candy and sweet warmth.

Hello to traditions, they make things feel good, even if things are different.

 Hello strangers that are becoming friends to many.

Hello to ingenuity's organizing trunk or treat to keep the kids spirits bright on a cold day.
Hello that things keep chugging on and a sense of humor makes it more tolerable.

Hello to creative make it all possible...

Hello sweet very lucky we are to be safe.  
I have too many sad pictures in my mind of the destruction of the storm...

Hello Hello Monday...and sending love and strength to all on the East Coast....
xxoo Jen
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