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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Monday...and how do we grow?

Hello Monday...we have an amazing week planned...
Hello to looking at things from a fresh angle. Even if we've done it all before, let's make it better. It might be just as hard, but it might be more fun.
Hello busy week stacking up.. me and Sue and Michelle will be leaving for Atlanta at the crack of dawn on's a l-o-n-g drive but with two good friends, the miles will roll along...and Sue's famous "so good made me lose the keys to the truck last time" peanut butter cookies don't hurt either.
Hello growth and change -- some days, I am not sure whether I like you or not!  It seems just when I think I have things figured out it, something grows, something changes. Today I like you.

Hello are 82! Happy Birthday to you.

Hello are good at so many things I could never do. I admire you for being you.
Hello oodles of cool new things on the site...
I am smitten with these 8x8 artful wall pieces from Sugarboo...
And hello to Laurie's new "Blue Series" too...
Hello to the friends who push me to try something. Think something new, to be brave, and work harder to be me.

Hello's amazing to see you as a momma.  Weren't you just a little girl last year. Hello to watching the people I love - all my amazing nieces and nephews -- grow up.

Hello Diana...I love that you visited this week. 
You are the best of coffee company.
Hello Halloween glad you've started.
 Hello Trunk or Treat...what a cool concept...Hello we crashed a party!

 Hello Lisa...I know you are far away but I am thinking of you....
We've just updated your pages with your new Faith Collection...and your Create Your Own designs too.

Hello to all of you. I hope it's a beautiful week for you....tell me what you are up to...
...and do hope to see some of you in Atlanta.
xxoo Jen

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