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Friday, September 7, 2012

one week countdown to THE FAIR!!!

In one week, we'll be LIVE in Columbus at the Country Living and a dozen of our artists will create a fab shopping experience for all who can make it.

This really is an event not to miss if you can drive, walk, swim or crawl there.
We're the biggest tent at the venue and with 35,000 other people attending, you can be sure all of our fellow vendors really strut their stuff and show the shoppers all the best they have to offer...

see the Fair's official page to pre-order tickets...especially those of you who want to do the FAB earl-bird shopping on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Hope to see you there...

Now, I am back to packing. Sue and I leave in the big old truck o' art (a 24' U-Haul packed FULL to the tippy top) 2 days before the show's a 10 hour drive from Warwick, but with a good friend, the miles pass quickly...Sue comes armed with good snacks and there's always, shakey bag fries and a whole lotta laughter! After all, that's what the Art Girls' RoadShow is all about.

xxoo Jen


{ The Painted Home } said...

I just bought my early bird pass for all 3 days in Ohio! Can't wait to see your goodies in person.
See you there! Good luck girls!

Rosalyn-Sue said...

I look forward to seeing you again and purchasing from your booth! I really have enjoyed the pieces from last year. All the best, Rosalyn-Sue

Elma said...

Oh I will be there!!!!

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