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Monday, September 10, 2012

Can you think pink?

...I am simply desperate for  pink these days. 
Perhaps it's the coming of fall and me not wanting to let go of summer that's increased the appetite for pastels, maybe it's my new baby niece Rhetta, maybe I am just a girlie girl after all (well, maybe some days I am...)

So, I am thinking pink.

Color is taste and memory to me.....cotton candy pink, bubble gum pink, old tutu tulle pink, shrimp pink, carnation pink.....

If color has a is a babe's rosy cheeks, the peach swell inside a shell, the dull pink of dunes, and the faded pink of a prom dress. Pink is the ribbon from my little girl's first pigtails, it's the worn leather of ballet shoes, it's the old Valentine, and the new cherry blossom.

If color is a mood, pink is happy, naive, sincere, and winsome. It's this magic sweetness and a dose of sassy, all at the same time.
Thank heaven for little girls -- they revel in it -- and even more, thank the universe mine loves girlie, pretty things, and plays dolls. Without her childish delight in these pastimes, I'd be lost. I get to indulge my pinkness with abandon, her by my side, her room and her wardrobe are our shared canvas.

Can you see it, can you feel it, and can you think it? If so, now is the time. Spring is ripening about us, where candy happy, pixie-land days bloom.

xxoo Jen

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