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Friday, August 3, 2012

FOLK - The Vintage Issue is in!'s a mighty pretty issue laden with vintage finds and fancies...and I love every page. 
Congrats to my pal Editor in Chief, Ben Ashby on a truly stellar issue celebrating all the glories of vintage style.  And thanks too go to Ben for allowing me to share a peek at one of my favorite antiquing places on the planet...Hudson, NY.
 If you follow this blog, you know I am always running up there and coming back with a truckload of loot...I love the peek at my Hudson pals and great friends shared on the 7 pages Ben dedicated to the story...
Thanks to  designer Stephanie Lloyd, Jackie Flansburg-Diehl and her Mom Ida of "Ida's Eye" (the name changed from 711 since we went to press so look for "Ida's Eye" if you are prowling about Hudson) and Jocie Sinauer of Red Chair Antiques and the crew at the Hudson Supermarket for letting me click away....they have my fave shops in the town and are a must see if you can make it there.
 Thanks too go to my models Kathy, Ken, Able, Kitty and Chris...and a big thanks to painter Jennifer Lanne for sharing her friendships with this crew....
 Here's a few peeks but you'll need to nab a copy to see it all...
This antique Steif lion sits at the foot of my bed on an old trunk, it's one of my fave things I have ever gotten in Hudson and a great souvenir of a wonderful day (...on that same note...I cannot believe I missed that windmill have to track me down another!)
And speaking of which Steph, Kathy, Jen and Ro, aren't we due for another trip soon???!!!

 And visit this site to learn more about antiques in Hudson and make a day trip if you can!
xxoo Jen - Earth Angels
PS If you cannot locate this magazine, jsut email me at 
or call me at 845-986-8720 from 7-7 at $7 it's a great read....

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