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Thursday, June 14, 2012

...on artful wings

Wings mean guidance and protection to me...and while they are heavy in symbolism...they are jsut plain pretty too.

 "Downy Blossoms" - 10x20x3 mixed media on cradled wood...

A new quartet of wing bedecked paintings arrived just last has been a bit over the top busy here and I finally had some time to really study these new mixed media works form Jennifer Lanne...

I am quite taken with them...

They make me feel as if I can soar...or perhaps as if I have been caught in mid-flight or in the middle of a dream...

 "Flutter Away Blues" - wrought in paint and ink on cradled wood, original mixed media ,  24x24x3",  $600
 "Tarnished Feathers" – stellar in form, original mixed media painting on found wood, waxed and distressed, extremely special, 10x20, $340
"Sweet Dreams" – charming interpretation of wings and blooms, original mixed media on wood, cradled,  24x24x3" and very special, $600

For more info on these  pieces, see the site...

and thanks to Jennifer for these amazing new works.
xxoo Jen O'Connor

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