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Monday, May 28, 2012

chocolate in my kitchen...and me in Where Women Cook...

The new issue is in and I am proud to be included...thanks to my friend JO PACKHAM for the opportunity to welcome readers into my kitchen to share my style and love of all things chocolate.
 (I am pretty fond of polka dots too as some of you have noted...)

It's an 8 page article, but I cannot spill all the cocoa beans here...
As an editor of the magazine I need to tell you all to get out there and buy this issue!

...not just for a peek at my kitchen, but the many others of all those interesting gals included among the pages...including my pal Jaye McLaughlin of "The Life in Your Years Photography" and her Breezy Point beach kitchen in New York City...yes, I just used the words beach and New York City in the same sentence...(it was a fun shoot Jaye -- glad I could share a peek of your space and style too!)

So many shots never make it among the pages...but the story does let you have a super peek and I have to thank Melissa Cruz and Kathy Nuttall for their help on the shoot....

 And art, eat cake and have fun!

And to those of you new to WWC, WWCook and Earth Angels, additional press coverage on me, the biz, and what I do can be found on the press pages of the site....

And if you need to order a copy of this or any back issues of the mag, remember Earth Angels can ship, just mention this post for free domestic shipping...xxoo
 xxoo Jen
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